Get Psyched: R29's Biggest Celebrity Interview, Ever

Sure, we've interviewed the likes of Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, and Leonardo DiCaprio. And that was all very exciting. But nothing — nothing — compares to this experience. We had the amazing opportunity to meet one of America's biggest stars, face to face, for a completely thrilling on-camera Q&A (never mind the fact that he was asleep for most of it).
His name is Burley, and he is a Queensland koala on a national tour right now in promotion of his Oscar-worthy new project: The new Australian Outback section of the San Diego Zoo! Critics are saying his performance is "deep and provocative, yet subtle" (The New York Times — not really, but whatever). And even better, we got to meet his handler and chief entourage member Rick Schwartz. So, yeah, we had a bit of a fangirl moment — but look at that face! Can you blame us?
Video by Jack Pearce and Nora De Broder, produced by Katie Lincoln, edited by Christopher Michael Beer.