Silver Is The New 20: Hollywood's Hottest Distinguished Dudes

Sure, we love a good redhead or a shock of raven hair. But, when it comes to dapper gentleman, nothing quite does it like a silver fox. We've already made it clear we dig a lady in gray, but now — a little love for the manly set! As it turns out, men are so into the gray hair trend these days, they're actually getting highlights to dial up the hue. But, no worries — these ten handome folks are all-natural. Or, at least, they've certainly got us convinced.
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Possibly the original silver fox, Richard Gere has been working it for years — and it never fails to charm.

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Anderson Cooper goes without saying, really.

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We've been in love with Dermot Mulroney since My Best Friend's Wedding, and while we're not entirely sure about this pinstripe suit, the gray undoubtedly suits him.

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You may remember him from Grey's Anatomy, but we know Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a pioneer in the world of salt-and-pepper beards.

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Though he could perhaps benefit from a comb, Daniel Day Lewis rocks gray hair with aplomb (also, that rhymed).

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His salad dressings are obviously wonderful, but the late Paul Newman also knew how to make white hair look swag-tastic.

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Obviously, his cheekbones, his piercing blue eyes, and his — let's just call it stately — forehead are all things that make Ed Harris a ladykiller.

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George Lamb is proof that good gray hair knows no age!

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Though he plays a boyish fiend on Mad Men, we suspect John Slattery is a real gentleman off-screen.

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Morgan Freeman is less of a silver fox and more of a Magical Wizard of Infinite Wisdom, but that's just splitting hairs.

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Since his days on Friends ended, Matt LeBlanc has clearly grown up a whole lot. Plus, look at his kerchief!

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Another OG silver fox — let's hope he never, ever comes across a box of hair dye.

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