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Bikini Killed It! Kathleen Hanna & VFILES Wanna Outfit All Riot Grrrls

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    We may be 20 years older — and a long way from Olympia — but 2013’s still a pretty rad time to be a riot grrrl.

    To celebrate The Feminist Press’ The Riot Grrrl Collection, a 300-page love letter to the DIY feminist movement that inspired countless teenage girls to take up arms (and pens and guitars) against sexism, Kathleen Hanna and VFILES have teamed up to dress your inner riot grrrl. At last night's Chandon-hosted event, the team debuted their four-piece capsule collection, including posters, a repro of Hanna's famous "Kill Me" dress, and — most wonderfully of all — a Bikini Kill lip balm (speaking out against the patriarchy is super chapping, you guys).

    But, in the spirit of punk rock, this ain't no '90s nostalgia trip. Proceeds from the collection will fund The Girls Rock Camp Alliance, a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower girls by teaching them to play music. So, now you can tell the world you still want revolution, girl style now — and inspire the next generation of rabble-rousers, too.

    Click on to see the entire collection, and shop it all here. And check out VFILES' video of Kathleen Hanna reading her Riot Grrrl Manifesto while you're at it — after 20 years, those words still give us goosebumps. Rebel Girl, you're still the queen of our world.

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