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The True History Of Doughnuts: An American Classic

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    Happy National Doughnut Day! Is there anything more wonderful than a doughnut? It's every gluttonous vice combined into one — fried things, sugary things, sprinkle-y things, things that you just cannot stop eating. And from the most sinfully delicious Krispy Kremes to the fancy, Williamsburg-born concoctions we've seen pop up in recent years, much like God's children, each doughnut is beautiful and unique.

    But then the cronut came along, and changed everything. All this madness got us thinking — how did it all begin? And how on Earth did we end up in this crazy situation where people will pay $40 for a combined croissant-doughnut miracle? Join us, friends, on a sugary ride through the history of doughnuts. It's more illuminating than you might think.

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