7 Farm-Fresh Food Delivery Services That Make Healthy Living Easy

There’s nothing quite like a backyard cookout in the summertime, especially when fresh veggies and juicy fruits are the star players. But, sourcing these nourishing food groups can be a total headache (anyone for supermarket traffic?) and we're never quite certain where all that produce is actually coming from.
Well, we rounded up the best, local food delivery services that make eating healthy and delicious a no-brainer. From at-your-doorstep, farm-fresh deliveries to prepared meals that'll have you saying nom, it's time to indulge in some down-home goodness!
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If you live in the San Fernando Valley, stock up on fruits and veggies from the plentiful local farms that surround you. Can’t possibly devour the 20-pound Family Box ($45) every other week (let alone every week)? No worries — if you aren’t feeding an army, opt for the half-size 9-pounder ($25), or even the itsy-bitsy 5-pound Snack Size Fruit Box ($15). Remember to check out the site for what’s new and fresh every week — and prepare for wow-worthy produce.
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Chef Kelly Boyer started Paleta, a Southern Cali certified-green kitchen that not only offers pre-made healthy meals on the spot, but also delivery — all from local farms, as well as sustainable fisheries. Choose from a menu of ready-to-eat programs, such as their Perfect Plate ($56 to $76 per day), which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert that’s soy, gluten, and dairy-free, as well as high-protein and vegan. The hard work is already done for you, which always makes everything taste better!
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Catering to L.A. and Orange County, Spud gives you free range to decide what you’re going to chow down on — from local only to pure juice-ready blends, such as the Organic Seasonal Juicing Box ($39.99). Or, get glowing skin with their Organic Dynamic Beauty Juicing Box that gives you the equivalent of about 20 glasses of fresh juice ($44.99). There’s even fresh seafood and meats available, depending on your area.
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Auntie Em's Kitchen, a local favorite eatery in Eagle Rock, decided that keeping all the fresh fruits and veggies to themselves just wasn’t fair, so they graciously decided to add on a delivery offshoot. Check out their blog to find out the week’s goodies that you can get your hands on, plus recipe suggestions (and matching food porn) to know how to use what they send. Test out the small box ($44), perfect for two; or the large box ($64), more of a family-style version with about 20 different fruits and veggies. A veggie-phobe or just have a helluva amount of allergies? No problem: They have a list of all the stuff that could come your way, so you can cross off whatever is no bueno.
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At Farm Fresh To You, you get to say when and how much — choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or just every third or fourth week. A lot of their produce comes from their own farm (Capay) but they’ve teamed up with other local partners, too. Try a mixed bunch like the Regular Mixed Organic Service ($31.50), or Veggie Only Organic Service ($31.50). And, if you type in your zip, you can find out exactly where your food is coming from.
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Farm Box LA syncs up with local and sustainable farmers and helps you put faces and names to those organic apples, so you know exactly where your food is coming from. Try their Complete Farm Box (small is $79; standard is $99; deluxe is $129) or their Custom Farm Box, which lets you handpick what you want (or don’t!) each week. On a super-health kick? Go for their Juicing Farm Box ($52 for the small) so you can DIY every a.m., or try the CrossFit Paleo Deluxe Box ($102). Prefer to wear your food? Their brand-new Beauty Farm Box ($59.95) debuts this week and includes foods known to promote healthy skin and hair, plus tips to whip up a yummy meal or beauty treatment — not one avocado left behind!
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Besides the comic book-like site, you’ll fall in love with Zoe, the dog that walks you through the L.O.V.E. (Los Angeles Organic Delivery Express) Delivery how-to. Need more than that? You can blacklist any fruits and veggies from your order — simply click on the "never send" tab (great for picky eaters or those with allergies). Our favorites: The All You Need is L.O.V.E., the veggie only box ($28.50); Crazy Little Thing Called L.O.V.E., a fruit centric box ($28.50); Whole Lotta L.O.V.E., the extra large fruit and veggie combo ($42); or the Best Of My L.O.V.E., packed with nothing but local, in-season goodness ($28.50).