The Ultimate Blockbuster Guide To 2013 Summer Movies

Summer means going outside, enjoying your friends and family, taking trips...and holing up in the dark to see exactly what your favorite stars have been working on all throughout the year. From insanely high-budget superhero flicks to subdued slow-burners, summer films pack theaters everywhere, and we're about to enter those eagerly anticipated three months of the year. Here are the 30 films you shouldn't, nay, cannot miss this season, broken down into a handy-dandy week-by-week guide.
Release Date: May 3
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Release Date: May 10
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Release Date: May 17
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Release Date: May 24
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Release Date: May 31
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Release Date: June 7
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Release Date: June 12
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Release Date: June 13
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Release Date: June 21
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Release Date: June 28
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Release Date: July 12
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Release Date: July 26
blue jasmine_
Movie: Blue Jasmine
Summary: A well-off New York housewife falls into an acute life crisis and is forced to live in San Francisco to cure her of her neuroses.
Why We'll See It: Woody Allen and neurosis? Sounds familiar, but we can't deny it's a match made in Hollywood story-telling heaven. Plus, Allen has come out and said this isn't a comedy, which has us wondering what he considers to be a drama.
Photo: Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics; Video: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.
Release Date: August 9
amanda-seyfried-lovelace-posterMovie: Lovelace
Summary: A biopic exposing the exploitation porn star Linda Lovelace faced during her infamous career, and how she eventually broke free from the industry to help prevent other women from facing similar exploitation.
Why We'll See It: Amanda Seyfried stars in a role that — on paper — sounds perfect for Lindsay Lohan, but after seeing shots of the actress in character we're convinced Seyfried was made for this film. This doesn't look like some snuff film rooted in hedonism. It looks like a real human take on an industry that's often misconstrued and negatively judged. We're all for that.
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Release Date: August 16
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Release Date: August 23
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