5 Things To Know This AM

Just look at Terence Koh's perfectly white, minimalist house. He even took the black keys off the piano. (The Aesthete)
Topshop is selling mom jeans now, in a very literal way. And you know what? We like them. So, sue us. (Fashionista)
A few highlights from the coats-on-coats trend from recent winters...at least there's an upside to the increasingly colder weather, right? (WWD)
Debbie Harry shares personal photos and gives us a lesson (or two) on what it means to live the truly DIY punk lifestyle. Hint: It's not all safety pins and torn shirts. (DuJour)
Kate Middleton wore a serene blue dress and looked great; meanwhile, the tabloids that ran topless photos of her a few months back are finally facing legal punishment. (Styleite)
5thingstoknow_koh Photo: Courtesy of The Aesthete/Brian Ferry.

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