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Our Editor-In-Chief Talks Online Dating, Taking Risks, And A Love Of Vintage

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    When it comes to fashion, no one likes a braggart, so we're glad that Tales Of Endearment has done the job of showing off our EIC for us. In her latest home tour, Natalie Joos heads to Boerum Hill to chat with R29's fearless leader, Christene Barberich. And, amidst a breakfast of gluten-free avocado toasts, a run to the local antique shop, and of course, a whole bunch of costume changes, the intimate interview and Christene's genuine and entrepreneurial spirit shines through. For us, the highlights come when readers get a chance to know the real CB, you know, the one that courted her husband online, is nostalgic for throwback threads, and doesn't "want to look like a crazy person," by taking an ensemble too overboard.

    So, skip to the juicy stuff. Just how did she land herself on top of one of the world's biggest fashion sites? "When it comes to my creative destiny, I always go with my gut… even if it seems unorthodox… actually, usually when it seems unorthodox!" Also unorthodox? Her approach to love. In an age when cyber dating is king, Christene, whose architect husband responded to her advance online advises, "The one tip I would say about on-line dating for women is this: You choose. Don’t just go out with the guys that ask you out, because, oftentimes, they have a weird perception of who they are and who you are... Go searching through all those profiles like you would the perfect vintage Céline clutch." Amen! And indeed, the perfect (and rather elusive) vintage Céline clutch is all too familiar to Christene, too since she considers thrifting and vintage yet another great love, "Vintage, in its best light, can be the ultimate tool of self expression for a person who loves fashion and style." Dare we say vintage's best light can also be found in Christene's closet, in the quaint studio in Boerum Hill, and now, too, in Tales Of Endearment's stellar portraits. Okay, so maybe this is a humble brag, after all.

    Click through for some of our favorite snaps and read the entire article on Tales Of Endearment.

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