First Look: Zoe Saldaña Talks Nina Simone, Tough Love For Latina

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    It never stops for Zoe Saldaña — es que nunca cesa is what she told Latina magazine while checking e-mails and sipping on a green smoothie (of course) before being interviewed for their latest cover story. The star, who's been cast in a number of mega-blockbusters that catapulted her into the public eye, normally remains quiet about her private life. But in addition to being a gorgeous, beyond-bright editorial spread that'll have you skipping spring and jumping sandals-first into summer, this story is also a rare look at Zoe's personal life.

    For one thing, she addresses the controversy surrounding her role in the Nina Simone biopic for the first time. Many fans, Simone's daughter included, complained that Saldaña was lacking key physical qualities, and that casting someone who required prosthetics to embody the role was unfair to other curvier, darker-skinned actresses who would've been, quite literally, a better fit. Did that hurt? Of course. But she never considered backing out: “That would not have been fair. I was already a part of this project and my priority was Nina, and the love that I feel for this woman, for her music and what she left us. Let’s all give ourselves the chance to watch it and then make a decision.”

    One last thing before you click through the slideshow and head over to Latina to read the full feature: Saldaña's views on love aren't for the faint of heart. “Life isn’t just happy, happy, happy,” she says. “Give me all of it!" Amen, Zoe. Adding that on the to-copy list right alongside "date Bradley Cooper."

    Photo: Yu Tsai/Courtesy of Latina.

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