Today's 9 Best April Fool's Jokes

Ah, April 1 — the most ridiculous day of the year! Companies and publications continue to shell out valuable time and money creating joke campaigns and fake news announcements (ourselves included). And though Gawker might be less than thrilled, we kind of love it.
If nothing else, it's a great way to start off a Monday morning with considerably lower productivity and higher LOLs than you normally would. These are the jokes from around the web that made us drop everything to see just how deep it went. Impressive stuff, Internet. High five.
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As a tongue-in-cheek reference to its increasingly specific categories ("Cerebral," "Gritty Foreign Steamy Romances Based On Musicals Featuring A Strong Female Lead"), Netflix debuted a couple of fake categories last night in honor of the big day. This one (above) is our favorite, but a roundup of "Nicolas Cage Epic Freakout" movies was pretty good, too. And frankly, quite useful.
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Complete with a redesigned logo, Design*Sponge announced its decision to move towards more cat-friendly content. The heartbreakingly honest open letter stated that while the site will still post home-and-design content, it will now be entirely from a cat's perspective.
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Get schooled on the latest up-and-comers in the art world with this feature, "Younger Than Baby Jesus: 6 Superstar Artists Under 6." Take Lily Yun, for example: what are the critics saying about this groundbreaking three-year-old? “What she does can't be called drawing by any conventional definition of the term.”
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Urban Outfitters
This prank is so high-budget, it might go over your head until you see the "Shop Real Dresses" link. Watch models work this garment in crazy, Exorcist-worthy ways here.
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Women wear "boyfriend" jeans, so why shouldn't men enjoy the reciprocal privilege? Thank you, Bonobos, for doing your part in creating a more equal world.
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The White House
Looks like we're not the only ones who love Kid President — the White House asked the YouTube star to step up to the podium for this quick hit of cuteness.
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Enough said.
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Fashion collabs have become so ubiquitous these days, we almost thought twice before calling this a prank. And even though Riccardo Tisci designing uniforms for the MTA would be awesome, it's not real. Props to Complex for taking the time to Photoshop some thoroughly hilarious images.
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Sadly, bacon-flavored everything is so common these days, this porky Scope mouthwash could easily be real. Who knows, maybe it's not a joke after all...
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Today, YouTube announced it was shutting down to review the massive amount of entries and pick a winner for best video ever. Because it was a contest the whole time. You knew that, right?