5 Things To Know This AM


You've heard about it, you've read the reviews, and you've even seen it. Head into Opening Ceremony today to score Rihanna's new River Island collection — and if you get there early, you might even win a gift certificate! (Opening Ceremony)

Apparently, Snooki was on to something. Tanners prefer a lovely shade of Kraft-cheese orange to a more natural-golden hue. (The Daily Mail)

Look, it's a portrait of Effie Trinket from Catching Fire! Why are you still here? (Hollywood Reporter)

Natalia Vodianova ran a half-marathon, closed out the Givenchy show, hung out with her grandmother, and wore a floral shower-cap of hair...all in one day. (The Gloss)

Carine Roitfeld seems to have broken her promise to never again feature a cigarette in a fashion editorial again — just a few years after making the statement. (Fashionista)


Image via The Gloss