Dogs On The Catwalk: Are These The Cutest Models Ever?

New York is certainly a city for dogs. And, not just any dogs, but the most fashionable of dogs. From little ladies in lookbooks, to terriers at Fashion Week, trendy pups are everywhere.
And, as if the dog God (palindrome!) had plans to make this the best weekend ever, "Canine Couture," a pups-only fashion show, is happening this weekend. UES grooming salon Doggie-Do & Playtime Too is teaming up with celebrity mutt designer Anthony Rubio to bring you a collection of over-the-top pieces — we're talking $150 to $600 a pop — in doggy styles. If you're as intrigued as we are, click over to DNA Info to see all the fido fashions. Just prepare for total cuteness overload. (DNAinfo) CanineCoutureEmbed
Photo: Via DNA Info

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