Supermodel Secrets: A VS Angel Dishes On Her Sexy V-Day Tips

Whether you've got a S.O. or are single and ready to mingle, Valentine's Day is all about sexy time. And, you know what that means — it's the right moment to bring out the hot, racy lingerie to make this holiday as un-PG as possible. So, what better place to start than the purveyor of all things amazing in the undergarments arena, Victoria's Secret. Just in time for Cupid, the retailer is bringing out all the stops to bring you the best, and yes, sexiest, offerings in the nearly naked department.
If scanning VS' site doesn't put you in the mood, fret not, sweethearts. We sat down with VS angel and gorgeous-as-all-get-out supermodel Candice Swanepoel to chat all things V-Day related, as well as seduction tricks, pickup lines, and date prep. Check out our Q&A below, and get your Valentine's Day game plan started — after getting intimate with Candice, who says V-Day can't be every day of the year?
A lot of women tend to opt for a bold, dramatic look when they are trying to be sexy, but most guys seem to hate it because it makes for a mess when they go in for a kiss. How do you deal with this?
"Don't wear a lot of lip gloss. I like to use a lip stain or lip pencil. It gives you a good color without the mess."
How do you prep for a date?
"I like to take my time. I put on a little makeup because I don't wear a lot most days. I'll also put on a spritz of VS perfume before I walk out the door."
What's your idea of the perfect V-Day date?
"A surprise is always nice — something I don't expect. I like to do something in the daytime and stay at home all night. It really depends where I am at the time."
What's the best V-Day present you ever gotten?
"A personalized photo collage."
What about given?
"In high school, I used to get really creative with personalized cards."
What's your go-to beauty seduction trick?
"Liquid eye liner."
Tell us your go-to sexy lingerie!
"Classic black lace. A little bra and panty is nice."
Do you make an effort to flirt or act interested or do you prefer for the guy to do the work?
"I prefer the guy to do the work."
You're a gorgeous model; obviously, you get hit on all the time. What's the worst pickup line anyone's ever used on you?
"I lost my number...can I have yours?"
What do you do if a guy doesn't text you back?
"It doesn't really phase me that much."
Photo: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

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