Warm Fuzzies: Tavi Honors Gloria Steinem In The Most Charming Way, Ever

Global economic recovery is occurring at a snail's pace. Diet cola is actually out to destroy us. And there is a massive storm hurtling its way toward NYFW (and everyone else in this city) as you read.
But, do not fret: All is well in the world. Because Tavi Gevinson met Gloria Steinem while wearing a "Gloria" tribute necklace while Girls actress Allison Williams looked on. This means these three powerful, savvy women have met (and probably spoken — about great things!), and if you ask us, a meeting of powerful, savvy women is always notable. And, when one of said women is wearing a tribute to one of the great American feminist icons (who is also present), well, our souls are simply warmed.
But, now that Gloria, Tavi, and Allison have all been introduced (and definitely have each other's numbers and are probably texting as we speak), might Gloria make a literary appearance on Rookie? Or will Tavi head over to Girls? The possibilities are endless. And our day just got a whole lot brighter.
Photo: Courtesy of MAKERS: Women Who Make America & Marion Curtis/Startraks

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