Best Night, Ever — Bey Tops It Off With A Heart-Warming Instagram

What a night, guys. Emotions were running high as Beyoncé announced her candidacy for President of the Universe changed everything you knew about the Super Bowl, halftime performances, and about being an amazing human being who is loved unconditionally by everyone. And then, just when our tears of joy had finally gone from Niagara status to a manageable mountain creek, we checked our iPhones.
What a horribly wonderful idea. Wouldn't you know that Bey — or rather, Bey's faithful and doting assistant — was uploading all night long? We will go ahead and say these pics are NSFW because they will make your unreasonably star-struck little heart jump out of your chest and flop around on your keyboard, and your boss will probably be mad about that. But if you think you can handle this jelly, check out our five favorite social media pics from the official Best Night, Ever.
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Just another day at work for Queen B...if by work you mean hanging out in the Super Dome in a pair of crazy leggings. That's what it means, right?

Image via @BaddieBey.
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Looks like Destiny's Child is as happy about this reunion as we are. In fact, at this precise moment, we were doing the exact same thing.

Image via @BaddieBey.
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The only thing more exciting than glimpsing a pensive Beyoncé backstage is the outfit she's wearing under that robe.

Image via @BaddieBey.
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Nothing like coming home to your hubby/international rap star after a long day's work. Cue ABBA's "Super Trouper."

Image via Twitter.
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And in case you had any lingering doubts about her excellent character, Beyoncé posted this little note to her best buds. Gotta go, Photoshopping our names in at the top and hanging this on the wall.

Image via @BaddieBey.

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