Here's A Fun Way To Be The World's Most Obnoxious Dog Owner

Dogs are cute and stuff, but the problem is that their hairstyles tend to be, well, kinda lame. How are you going to take your pooch out to a hot party in Laguna Beach, or wherever the kids go these days, with its hair looking all floppy and boring with zero feather extensions? Don't worry! There's a solution, offered by a traditionally humans-only hair-care company called Condition Culture.
The website really says it best. "Puppylocks feather fur extensions are natural, handmade feather arrangements that are easily and inexpensively applied to add a splash of flare to your pet's coat. They come in an array of colors, patterns, and sizes; use just one Puppylock to create subtle glamour or multiple locks for full-blown fashionable drama." So many options. So much fashionable drama. If you're feeling strapped for the cash to pay for this procedure, may we suggest cutting down on dog food — if your little furry friend really wants to rock those extensions, he or she will need to slim down a bit anyways. It's a win-win!
Photo: Courtesy of Condition Culture.