Kristen Wiig May Replace "Lamp" In Anchorman


Let's be real: Saturday Night Live just isn't the same without America's beloved Kristen Wiig. After leaving the late-night show, Comedy's Golden Girl went on to explore more dramatic roles in independent films, leaving everyone anticipating a silver screen success akin to that of Bridesmaids. Well, some recent speculation regarding Wiig's next role has put us in a "glass case of emotion."

The actress is being considered for a part in the extremely hyped Anchorman: The Legend Continues. How could anything possibly top this news, you ask? She may play love interest to Steve Carell's character, Brick Tamlandโ€” the lovable, yet clueless weatherman. Imagining the wackadoo companion of an admitted lamp-lover seems like the perfect role for a lady with few comedic boundaries.

The sequel is set to be released in October 2013, meaning the script is still in the preliminary stage, providing a lot of time for speculation and spoiler alerts, alike. We're just hoping this rumor to be true, because, while the film's already star-studded cast is sure to gain laughs all on its own, a little Wiig doesn't hurt. (TheWrap)


Image via TheWrap