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Emma Stone Goes Techno-Goth For Interview

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    Clearly, the whole techno-goth aesthetic is very in these days. Cosmopolis, Total Recall, and now, even Emma Stone is getting in on the trend. She normally sticks to a high-school sweetheart look and au naturel makeup topped off with a good smoky eye, but we think this is working just fine. Everyone's favorite starlet is convincingly badass (although it's not the first time) in vampy, dark styling for Interview magazine. Why, she's even smoking a cigarette!

    The interview is full of funny tidbits, such as much-coveted information on what the voice in Emma's head sounds like: "Like a little old man shouting things out — 'You need to go here.' 'You need to be with this person.' 'You need to experience this.' It's really definitive. I hear it on a daily basis, but I have flashes where it's like a punch in the gut and I just know something." Or her first memory of "pure happiness": eating foam circus peanuts on a porch in Arizona with her dad, watching summer storms.

    Interview always keeps it raw, and this is no exception. We're happy to know she's just like the cool girl she always plays on screen. Now, how can we arrange to become her best friend? The full interview is definitely worth a read and pretty much required if you're a true Stone fan. ( Interview )

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