Rag & Bone's London Debut Kicks Off With A Kate Moss-Fronted Campaign

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    As a high-profile American brand, for the first foray to London shores, one cannot merely throw a party or hire a buzzy model for a fall campaign. No — when a label encapsulates truly great American fashion, a Brit debut must be as big as the brand itself. Which is why, for its first London store, rag & bone went to the very top, getting Britain's number one supermodel, Kate Moss, to be the face of its new store. But Kate isn't just the ambassador of the new Sloane Square locale, she's taking part in rag & bone's debut fashion campaign. That's pretty major, mate.

    The Anglophilia is a part of rag & bone's fresh overseas expansion — the UK boutique is their first flagship in Europe. As rag's David Neville says, “It felt fitting to shoot our first ever collection campaign in London, especially as we are opening a store there this month." He added, "Although we are essentially a New York brand, our English roots have always influenced our aesthetic and casting Kate was another nod to our heritage.” A glimpse at both the shop and the campaign premiered today, and whilst London might be calling, rag & bone's New York DNA is ever-present — the store's raw space, with unfinished brick, iron staircases, and brass is reminiscent of the NYC outposts.

    So click through to see Kate and the new London flagship — and while we are psyched for the expansion, rag & bone better come back to our side of the pond...

    Photo: Courtesy of rag&bone

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