2010's Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

From vertiginous highs to debaucherous lows, 2010 was a year that had it all. In fashion, there were some incredible moments. But with the good comes the bad, and boy, was there some God-awful, eyeball-stabbing style out there in 2010. From wardrobe malfunctions to fashion show fiascoes, we've got the most memorable fashion faux pas of the year...so, sit back, relax, and click through to be sartorially creeped out!
Which was the most offensive to you?
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10. Ke$ha vs Nicki—We're not satisfied with just one boundary-pushing celeb, and, lucky for us 2010 was the year that Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj battled it out for a place at Lady Gaga's crazy fashion table. While there were plenty of cringe-inducing snafus along the way, Nicki kind of won over our hearts with her so-wrong-they're-right OTT get-ups. (NY Mag)

Ke$ha photo via Ke$ha Party; Nicki image via My Pink Friday.
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9. Katherine Heigl Snaps!—We've seen wardrobe malfunctions before, but it's pretty gosh-darn bad when you're accepting an award and your dress snaps. Luckily for Katherine Heigl, the emcee was on hand to hold up her dress through her acceptance speech. Can you say AWKWARD? And good for press? (Starcasm)

Katherine Heigl photo via Spread It.
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8. The Snooki Situation—Snooki: We don't even have the words. The gravity-defying hair, the overdone eyeliner, the miniest of mini-dresses...she's kept us transfixed with her fashion faux pas all year long. We. Just. Can't. Look. Away. (NY Mag)

Snooki photo by Emily Shur, via MTV.
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7. Venus Goes Bottoms Up—Venus Williams' flesh-toned underpants at the Australian Open were the almost-but-not-quite wardrobe malfunction that was actually just as disturbing as the real thing! (NY Daily News)

Venus Williams photo via Fashion Craz.
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6. Tavi Bow-bomination—The grown-up editors at Fashion Week forgot how to play nice with the other kids and got snarky when blogging wunderkind Tavi wore an oversized bow hat to the Dior haute couture show, apparently blocking the view of those seated behind her. (Racked)

Tavi photo via Grazia Live Twitter.
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5. Katy, Not For Kiddies—In a Sesame Street appearance, Katy Perry's dress showed a smidge too much cleavage for parents who were against their children learning about the letter D (cup). The segment got pulled, and Elmo probably cried. (NY Mag)

Katy Perry image via Tech Banyan.
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4. Lady Gaga In The Raw—It may be the most talked-about moment in fashion this year, but the meat dress Lady Gaga wore to the VMAs had more than one detractor. Vegetarians, carnivores, and fashion folks all had something to say about it, but Gags laughed all the way to the front page of every style section with the dress's unmistakable shock-factor. (Huffington Post)

Lady Gaga image via Dteepzlicious.
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3. H&M Gets Trashed—Everyone's favorite fast-fashion retailer, H&M, proved to be fast at trashing things, too. The chain was found to be tossing unsold clothing despite claiming to have a "Green" focus. (NY Times)
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2. Bad Judgement, Designed By Rodarte—Normally they can't do wrong by us, but Rodarte's Mexico-inspired line for MAC, with items named after towns such as Juarez (a region notorious for rapes and murders of young women), was a misstep if we've ever seen one. The backlash was so intense that the line never went into production. (NY Mag)

Rodarte for M.A.C. photo via M.A.C.
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1. Elle's Bad Light Show—Is it really 2010? Ignoring the fact that black is beautiful, Elle stepped back several decades when they were accused of lightening African-American actress Gabourey Sidebe's skin on their October 2010 cover. We hear Aishwarya Rai is set to sue Elle India for the same offense. Seems like someone needs a class in when NOT to use Photoshop. (Stylist/Huffington Post)

Elle covers via Elle.