2 Girls, 8 Looks: The Besties Behind Black Pyramid

It’s a well-known fact that we take perusing the web for stellar wares very seriously. So, when we stumbled upon edgy local e-shop Black Pyramid (think fringed everything, chic jumpsuits, and loads of velvet), we were beyond elated. Plus, we knew there had to be a mega-stylish person behind the operation. Come to find out, not one, but two S.F. ladies are running the Black Pyramid show. Naturally, some closet-stalking ensued. We tracked down owners Jessica Dega and Laura Cerri (who are just as cool and vibrant as the threads on the site!) and got all of the style dish on '90s fashion, dressing for an S.F. winter, and what it's like to work with your BFF. Oh, and we asked the besties to play dress-up in Laura’s adorable Mission abode, and let’s just say…these ladies can rock a kimono like nobody’s business!
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So, how do you guys split up the responsibilities — what do you each do for the site?
Jessica Dega: "I shoot photos, style, buy, and run Black Pyramid with my business partner and BFF, Laura Cerri. I also just opened a store in August on Haight Street, called Piper’s Shoe Parlor."
Laura Cerri: "I get to do what I really love: buying and styling. It’s always been a big dream of mine, and I’m really lucky to get to do this with my best friend. I’m also the Visual Merchandising Manager for the Urban Outfitters downtown location, where I’ve worked for nine years."

How do you like working with your best friend?
JD: "Working with Laura is a blast. We share the same vision on fashion and we just try to have as much fun as possible!"
LC: "It's amazing. Jess is so supportive and really awesome to work with. We really are just on the same page about things. We get really excited about the same new ideas and new ventures."

Jessica (left) wears a Black Pyramid lace maxi skirt, Silence & Noise tank and cropped sweater, velvet Doc Martens, Ever leather jacket, Luv AJ talon bracelet and ring, Moonflower bracelet, a vintage rosary necklace, Ksubi bracelet, and vintage and flea market rings.
Laura (right) wears vintage Levi’s cut-off shorts, a Mars Cooperative leather jacket, Mouchette tee, Jeffery Campbell Litas, Luv AJ talon bracelet and ring, and other thrifted jewelry.

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux
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How did you two meet?
JC: "We met at a show in 2001, through a mutual friend. I had a clothing label at the time and my friend suggested that Laura model for me. We became instant friends. Laura is one of the sweetest and kindest people I’ve ever met."
LC: "I was actually really good friends with her brother first, and then I met Jess. I wasn’t into modeling, but I helped her with that show and the rest is history."

How would you describe Black Pyramid’s aesthetic?
JD: "We are very focused on two decades: the '70s and the '90s. We have a bit of the '80s in there too, though."
LC: "I like what our amazing friend Jennifer said about it: 'less Woodstock and a little more Altamont.' It’s all somewhat dark, witchy, and gypsy — but with a modern edge. At least that’s what we’re going for. And we're obviously obsessed with Stevie Nicks."

Laura wears a Black Pyramid vintage leopard pantsuit, Jeffery Campbell Rocks Off platforms, Luv AJ talon bracelet and ring, and vintage and flea market rings and necklaces.

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux
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What’s your philosophy when it comes to accessorizing?
JD: "I’m with Patsy Stone: 'You can never have too many hats, gloves, and shoes.'"
LC: "Really, accessories can make or break an outfit! The right jewelry can do wonders."

Laura shows off a combo of Luv AJ and vintage baubles.

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux
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What about your own personal style? What are your go-to items?
JD: "Denim, Docs, and a beanie. It’s my winter uniform."
LC: "Platforms, flares, and a vintage tee. And maybe a kimono!"

How does your style compare to the overall look of the site?
JD: "Mtyle is a little more casual than the site’s overall feel. I can’t live without a good pair of high-rise jeans. I also live in my cropped leather moto jacket, and I have about a dozen pairs of black boots. I guess I’m really feeling the 90s grunge right now."
LC: "I dress in a toned-down version of the site's aesthetic. I actually use most of my wardrobe to style the shoots, but I won’t try to pull off the brief shorts or bustier tops. I’m a little more modest in that way."

Jessica wears a vintage kimono, Staring at Stars velvet bellbottoms, Sparkle & Fade tank, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Luv AJ talon bracelet and ring, Moonflower bracelet, 1228 necklace, Ksubi bracelet, and vintage and flea market rings.

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux
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We love the gorgeous wares on the site. What Black Pyramid pieces are you currently coveting?
JD: "All of the rock t-shirts, the Evil Twin 'Heavens Above' bodysuit, and the Cabi denim jacket with the tapestry sleeves."
LC: "I agree with Jess on all the Evil Twin. It’s so good. And I’m in love with all the velvet we have right now."

Kimono time! Jessica (left) wears and Urban Renewal mini dress, vintage velvet kimono, Miista platform boot, Luv AJ talon bracelet and ring, Moonflower bracelet, Ksubi bracelet, and vintage and flea market rings.
Laura (right) wears a Shakuhachi velvet hooded coat, By Corpus tank, Silence & Noise biker shorts (not shown), Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Luv AJ talon bracelet and ring, and vintage and flea market rings and necklaces.

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux
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When you aren’t working on Black Pyramid, where can you be found?
JD: "I spend most of my time in the Haight, at Piper’s. When I’m not working, I’m kind of a homebody, but I love trying new restaurants and cafes as well as frequenting my old favorites. I love Tartine, Delfina, Flour & Water, Four Barrel, and Ritual."
LC: "Lately I’ve been sticking around the city more because of the holidays, but I love getting out of town with my man. Also, I just started nerding out to Parks and Recreation and Game of Thrones and I love going out to dinner in the Mission. There are so many amazing new restaurants and cute bars there."

A closer look at Laura's Shakuhachi velvet hooded coat, tats, and baubles.

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux
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What are your favorite S.F. shops?
JD: "Scarlet Sage, Paxton Gate, Loved To Death, Static. Any place small and local that's doing something different."
LC: "Mira Mira is amazing and has so many great brands that I’m in love with. Paxton Gate, Static, and Painted Bird are ones I frequent as well."

Jessica rocks out.

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux
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Any recent shopping scores you care to share?
JD: "My favorite shopping score is this amazing long, plaid vintage cape with a matching scarf that I found for $8. I love digging for vintage. It’s like meditation for me."
LC: "For me it was the jean jacket with tapestry sleeves."

Tell us whose style you find truly inspiring?
JD: "I’m obsessed with Chloe Sevigny."
LC: "My friends are some stylish babes. Also, Abby Lee Kershaw, Erin Wasson for her coolness, and the ladies of Sisters of the Black Moon."

Laura wears an American Gold kimono, Staring at Stars velvet bellbottoms, Silence & Noise mesh tank, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, and an Luv AJ talon bracelet and ring.

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux
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What’s one trend you love right now?
JD: "The '90s!"
LC: "Yes, I'm loving the '90s, too, and really want some velvet Docs. I’m also still obsessed with cropped tops and high-waisted bottoms. Also, anything sheer."

Any trends you’d never try?
JD: "The only trend I’d avoid: creepers."
LC: "I’ve always thought that bright-colored denim wasn’t for me, but just the other day I bought a pair of bubble-gum pink super high-waisted skinny jeans. Thigh-high socks and bustiers won’t happen, though."

Jessica wears Stylestalker animal-print pants, a Sparkle & Fade tank, Yaya fringe vest, a vintage rosary, Miista platform boot, Luv AJ talon bracelet and ring, Moonflower bracelet, Ksubi bracelet, and vintage and flea market rings.

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux