20 Of NYC's Coolest Business Cards

We try not to judge a book by its cover, but we'll admit that we're going to give you a once-over when it comes to your business cards. Bad font? Groan Alert. Flimsy? Ugh.com. Even if you're about as competent at your j-o-b as Sarah Palin's run as governor, you're set to earn extra points if your calling card gives off chic vibrations. If you haven't gotten the picture, here's the bottom-line: We're card collectors. But, our assortment doesn't even begin to rival Emmett Shine's amassment of carte de visites. Cue Captain Obvious— we asked this hooked-up downtown guy, the founder and creative director of Gin Lane Media, one of NYC's edgiest creative agencies, for his 20 favorites. Your hands will be sweating after peeping Shine's list of the Big Apple's coolest business cards (and why he loves them). Can you say wallet envy?
Peruse our slideshow, just don't get a paper-cut!
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Gin Lane

We spent six months making these cards. They say the shoemakers son goes shoeless, and it can be true. Proof7 printed these on the thickest cards on the market. We just moved so we have to make new ones again.
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Casey Neistat

Casey told me a long time ago he made this card for annoying Marketing Directors. It's great.
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Ed Nacional

Ed is a talented visual and interactive designer. This card fits his personality and design aesthetic well.
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Rolling for Jesus

This is the card of a famous New York cabdriver. He's a legend. Some cards are worth the story.
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Lindsey Thornburg

Reminds me of a white-chocolate bar. Clean and light.
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Simple and fun at the the same time. Gold foil letters.
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Saved Tattoo

Like Chop Tank, this soft card has great texture and clean message.
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Black on black can be hard to do right. Proof7 is the best printer in New York and probably printed over half the cards featured here.
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Eric Shaw

I've had this hand-made card since 2008. It's been everywhere. Eric is an extremely talented artist and illustrator.
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Vanessa Packer

I drew this card on paper and scanned it in one night for Vanessa. I love it— one of my favorite creations.
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Remember this site? Their card is still one of my favorite. Great ink drawing.
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Kava Gorna

Kava is a photographer who has an extremely deep letterpress card.
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Gin Lane designed the logo and branding for this popular East Village burger joint. The card features a beautiful hand-drawn logo one of our designers created.
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Delancey Cab

I probably call this number more than any other one. Can you get more New York than this card?
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Baron Von Fancy

Gordon Stevenson is a good friend and one of the more creative people I've known. I love everything he does from lighters to bow-ties to neon art pieces.
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Chop Tank

This West Village restaurant's card has a nice soft texture and color to it.
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Rich, Brilliant, Willing.

Great play on their names and a beautiful card.
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I love Kenmare's logo, business card, and matchboxes.
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Brooklyn Brothers

The card is made of little sticker pieces which peel off and can be used.
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Tim Hamilton

Tim's card feels like a really nice tag from a great jacket.