NSFW Cupcakes (Didn't Think You'd Ever See That Before, Did You?)

The Food Network's Extreme Cakes might have broken baked goods outside of the pink-frosting-and-white-batter mold, but this is the gnarliest direction we've ever seen a simple cupcake taken to. Presenting, the cupcakes from Evil Cake Shop , which creates single-serving cakes in a myriad of horrifyingly true-to-life recreations like vaginas, hearts, and lips (no, that's not spittle). The cake shop is located in the UK in case you want to hallow your next celebration with a tray full of vagina dentata delicacies. Not into these offerings? More on their menu: buttercream Maggot cakes, a chocolate-dipped 2 Girls 1 Cupcake, Human Centipede cookies, and Occult Jam (with a tiny spec of Princess Diana's hair). Click through for all the cupcakes (as well as the full menu) at your own risk.
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We'll never look at sugar glaze the same way.
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A smorgasbord of lady parts!
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The smattering of sprinkles is too hilarious.
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Ohmygod are those fingers!?
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"You'll always have my heart. Erm...hearts. I mean, do you want to eat one of my hearts?"
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For the cupcake eater with a particular fetish.
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And just for giggles, the Human Centipede cookie. That's a nice frosting job there.
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To enlarge the full menu, click here.
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