15 Spring Bags for Guys

Our top gentlemanly totes to give the murse a new name. By Jason Wilson and Piera Gelardi
It used to be that a man's bare hands would suffice to ensure his day-to-day success. Whether wrestling up dinner or fashioning WMD thwarting devices (ie: paperclips and ABC gum), men for the most part have been expected to rely on brawn and brains to sustain themselves. But that was well before the advent of the "murse" threatened to soften those hard-earned calluses.
Despite the exceedingly uncool moniker, the male bag—at least the ones we've scored this season—can still be as tough and manly as Rambo (or Rocky, take your pick). Hence, a sturdy, modern duffel can banish any notion that a bag in hand could call your guy-hood into question. This season, we've gathered a few of our favorite traditionally boyish shapes, many of which have been updated to maximize function and storage while still looking good in transit. From a sensibly chic leather back-pack and vigorously reconstructed satchel to a no muss, no-fuss beach tote, our top offerings should provide adequate room and style to spare. Superman has to stash the cape and boots somewhere, right? Here's how.
Above, from left:
Umbro by Kim Jones Gamba Indie Bag, $99, available at Gargyle.
Y.M.C. Duffle Bag, about $350, available at Y.M.C.
Billykirk Hand-Stitched Shoulder Satchel, $320, available at Billykirk.
Above, from left:
Porter Tanker Brief Case, $242, available at Steven Alan.
Acne Beach Bag, for more information, go to Acne.
Rag & Bone Canvas Satchel, $175, available at Barneys.
Above, from left:
Surface to Air Navy Cargo Bag, $552, available at Oak.
Krane Avion Small Messenger Bag, $352, available at Revolve Clothing.
Rogues Gallery Medium Beacon Tote, $187, available at Revolve Clothing.
Above, from left:
Engineered Garments Haversack Bag, $128, available at Steven Alan.
Rag & Bone Large Tote, $145, available at Barneys.
Porter Boston Round Bag, $220, available at Steven Alan.
Above, from left:
Jack Spade Luggage Gabardine Flat Utility Bag, $545, available at Blackbird.
Steven Alan Washed Messenger Bag, $135, available at Steven Alan.
Dunderdon Beach Bag, $49, available at Dunderdon.
Our top gentlemanly totes to give the murse a new name.

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