The Top 13 Craziest Celeb Twitter Gaffes

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    Ah, technology. We have you to thank for equipping us all with the tools of on-the-spot citizen journalism. And we also have you to thank for arming our most notoriously loudmouthed celebs with 140 characters or less and a digital platform reaching millions around the globe in an instant. The most recent little piece of celeb zeitgeist to come crashing out of Twitter, of course, stems from Ashton Kutcher's much-maligned post (and subsequent backlash, and subsequent backtracking tweets, and subsequent deleting of tweets) that defended Penn State's football coach, Joe Paterno, before he learned all the facts surrounding Paterno's major sex-abuse scandal.

    As some of the most-followed Twitter users, celebs are also by default major newsmakers, leading to some of the wackiest, most-publicized bits of misinformation, displays of raw emotion, reckless letting of bad blood, and embarrassing indignation. Click through for our comprehensive list of our sweetest celeb shots heard 'round the Internets.

    Photo: Via Twitter
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