The Most Ridiculous "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

What we love about Halloween is simple: It's a chance to don a persona that you wouldn't otherwise, show off your creativity and wit in a very in-your-face way, and update your Facebook profile with a picture of yourself in a beard doing shots of Patron with a Stormtrooper. And, of course, it seems like it's also a chance to show off your stuff without getting a citation for public indecency. There are the classic sexy Halloween costumes: the sexy cat, the sexy nurse, the sexy Dorothy... but after trawling through some online shops, there also seem to be some rather unorthodox sexy costumes that we might see stumbling down Broadway come the 31st. From the offensively un-punny to the offensively confusing to the plain old offensively offensive, here are the most ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes we've found that provide some WTF to go with that T&A.
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This is what would happen if you cross-bred Chewbacca with a Standard Poodle and then weaned it on a diet of Red Bulls, Malibu, and self tanner.

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Because nothing goes better with a porn magazine than business casual slacks!
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She'll take care of your plumbing and [insert joke of choice about cleaning pipes], all while sporting a plumber's crack.
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This is an occasion where it would've been more appropriate to flip Mrs. Potato Head's smile upside down.
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Could this be more subtle?
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We take that back. This "Working Girl" costume wins as far as subtlety goes.
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This costume doesn't just make grown men cry. We're weeping over here too, albeit for different reasons.
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"Hey Taryn, what are you going to be for Halloween?"

"Oh, I was thinking about going as an 80-year-old man in a bathrobe. You?"
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Ah, yes—the classic Sexy Killer Boy-Child Doll In Drag costume.
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This costume is called the Anna Rexia. Only for the most tongue-in-sunken-cheek ladies out there.

But seriously, this is outrageous.
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Is that...a fortune cookie hat?
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It's all fun and games until someone tries to "mate for life" with your tail.
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We have a feeling the girl who buys this costume will forget your name, too.
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This costume and Hostess cupcakes: Two things you'll regret partaking in.
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This is a sexy real estate agent. We give up.
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A remote control! The only thing a man likes to keep close to him more than his woman, amirite LADIES!?