11 Hot Chicago Bachelors You Need To Meet Now

In a never-ending quest to provide our beloved readers with hookups of every kind, we've decided to get back to basics and focus on everyone's favorite hot topic–single guys. Before you seasoned dating veterans go thinking Chicago's got a shallow dating pool, take a dip with us in totally uncharted waters. We've hand-picked 11 of Chicago's most eligible bachelors to visually and intellectually delight you, and hopefully send you off blissfully into romance. Aim high! Since our bachelors are a smart crop of driven, professional, and—okay, lets say it—hot Chicagoans, we're about to demolish any doubt that Chicago isn't a singles' scene worth looking into. We admit it was hard work locating just the right group of guys to represent the fine single gentleman Chicago has to offer, but somebody's gotta do it, right? We're hoping our efforts renew your dating strength and inspire you to get in the dating game and...you know...score.
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Who: Ernest Wilkins, Social Media and Events Producer, RedEye Chicago.

Why: As the Social Media and Events Producer for the Chicago RedEye, Ernest not only has his finger on the pulse of Chicago, he's also making its heart beat. He's the RedEye's go-to for events and marketing initiatives, meaning he's an intensely creative, personable guy that we've been lucky enough to meet in our Chicago scene travels.
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Who: Arturo Gomez, President, Rockit Ranch Productions.

Why: If you've ever had a good time at Rockit, Sunda, or any of the Rockit Ranch fun factories, you have Arturo Gomez, the company's President, to thank. This busy nightlife curator knows the ins, outs, and musts surrounding Chicago's nightlife, and he works hard to make sure the city gets the most out of a night out. In other words, he's a good time.

Photo courtesy of Rockit Ranch Productions.
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Who: Jerry Azumah, Studio Analyst/NFL Expert for Fox Chicago. CoFounder of Premier Athletes.

Why: This former Bear (as in Chicago Bears, people), now spends his time on multiple rad projects, including a student scholarship program, a luxury relocation company for profesh Athletes, and being a studio analyst/NFL expert for Fox Chicago. Here's hoping he can pencil in a first date, asap.

Photo by (Ten).
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Who: Floyd Davis IV, Artpentry.

Why: Floyd Davis IV, aside from having a rad name, also has about three businesses under his wing, at the same time. You've no doubt seen his Gentleman's Boomboxes at Dose Market and beyond. This carpenter, creator, tattoo-shop owner, and pretty much artistic mastermind is a lot of things, and we're very thankful that "single" is one of them.

Photo from Visitors, by Kyle LaMere.
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Who: Eric Himel, Stylist.

Why: This personal stylist, on-air contributor for Windy City Live, and in-house fashion know-it-all to the Elysian Hotel has a lot going for him. We're guessing those style skills will come in very handy for anyone lucky enough score some quality time with Eric.

Photo by Bradford Rogne.
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Who: Sam Macon, Filmmaker.

Why: This filmmaker directs intricate commercials, stunning music videos, and knows his way around a still camera. We're admiring his reel talent, but we think he'd be more fun to get to know behind the scenes, right?
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Who: Tim Pogo, On-Air Host, DJ.

Why: This entertainment industry Renaissance man once belonged to Q101, but since the station's departure, he's been occupying his time with TV and radio hosting, DJing, and working on one very top-secret project that we weren't able to get out of him. Maybe you'll have better luck?

Photo by Victoria Sprung.
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Who: Josh Crews, Assistant Vice President in Global Implementations at JPMorgan.

Why: Okay fine, he's an actual model. Since he's a currently an unattached model, he makes the list. But he's also got one of those super-professional financial day jobs that we're assuming requires a lot of math. Single, smart, and smokin'. You are very welcome.

Photo by Bryan Whitley.
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Who: DJ Rock City

Why: You know the last time you danced at Underground or Studio Paris and got so into it that someone had to pull your ass off a pricey leather sofa? Yeah, that was probably DJ Rock City's fault. This Chi-Town DJ spins for Chicago's who's who, and anyone else of note that comes to visit. You literally can't miss him at any of Chicago's hotspots, particularly those in River North. It's cool if your weekend plans just changed, we won't tell.

Photo by Parrish Lewis.
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Who: Shiraz Dada, Bassist, Maps & Atlases.

Why: Go ahead and breathe that oh-man-this-one's-a-musician sigh. Feel better? Good. Shiraz Dada makes up 1/4 of the Chicago band Maps & Atlases. We've loved the band for years, but we're thinking now is clearly the time to get a little more personal.
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Who: Klayton Korver, President, Seer Outfitters.

Why: Klayton Korver is President of Seer Outfitters, a local T-shirt line focused on raising funds for charitable projects involving Chicago's youth. His big brother, Kyle, is a Chicago Bull, but it's Klayton that scores the spotlight today. We admire how Klayton's entrepreneurship is so focused on giving back to his community, and we wish there were dozens more like him (for a lot of reasons). It's hard to believe that this tall drink of philanthropy is single, but ladies, go get him. Srsly.

Photo by Erin Gadd of Pink Daffodil Photography.