S.F.’s Cutest Coffee Shops, Part II!

After we published our debut roundup of the eight cutest coffee-shops around town, we heard you were jonesing for more. And now we’re delivering! We scoured the streets of San Francisco and considered all the tips from our loyal, java-savvy readers to bring you this fresh-out-the-pot list of 11 more super-cute coffee shops that not only have to-die-for beans, but extra-cozy settings that will have you buzzing with delight—and, of course, good old-fashioned caffeine.
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The proprietors at Seesaw in Hayes Valley have managed to create a unique space that's both super kid-friendly and majorly hip. Moms and dads (and the child-less!) can sip Four Barrel coffee and nosh on kimchee hotdogs and Danish smørrebrød, courtesy of the Danish and Korean husband and wife owners, while kids play, take in multi-lingual story times, and sip babe-a-ccinos (steamed milk with a dash of chocolate served in a mini espresso cup). And if everyone in the clean and modernly furnished coffee shop/play space behaves, delectable chocolate chip cookies and milkshakes all around!

Seesaw, 600 Octavia Street, Suite A (between Grove and Birch streets); 415-553-8070.
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Dynamo Donut & Coffee
You've probably heard about Dynamo's intriguing and delicious donut flavors (bacon maple apple or chocolate rose geranium hazelnut, anyone?), but don’t forget that the new-ish Mission establishment also doubles as a coffee shop. And what a shop it is, with a cute and uber-welcoming walk-up window for those in a hurry and a light-soaked back patio to kick up your heels next to lush blooms and a pot of sun-tea getting its brew on. Grab a Four Barrel and an exotic Campari grapefruit donut, and you’re good to go.

Dynamo Donut & Coffee, 2760 24th Street (between Hampshire and York streets); 415-920-1978.

Photos: Kristen Philipkoski (left) and Dynamo Donut
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Little Bird Coffee House
A cozy little cafe called Little Bird might not be what you'd expect to find in the Tenderloin, but it's exactly what the neighborhood needs. Past the venue’s cheery hand-painted windows, you'll find charmingly mismatched tables and chairs where you can settle in for a cup of Ritual or De La Paz java. And whether or not you're vegan, you'll love their breakfast sandwich made with tofu scramble and Daiya cheddar cheese. Go for that, or indulge in a blue corn waffle with fruit and maple syrup. Yum.

Little Bird Coffee House, 835 Geary Street (at Larkin Street); 415-440-2165.
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Another spot determined to bring a sense of cute to the Tenderloin is the tiny Farm:Table cafe. Its arched window, barn-red interior, natural wood tables, and mismatched mason jar glasses offer a taste of rural life smack in the center of the city. Since it's often a bit chilly sipping at one of the handful of outdoor tables, we suggest the delish and body-warming TCHO hot chocolate. And for those gnarly mornings after, whole grain toast with goat cheese and nectarines and the pulled pork on challah bread is just what the hangover ordered.

Farm:Table, 754 Post Street (between Jones and Leavenworth streets); 415-292-7089.

Photo: Ashley Hill
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Réveille Coffee Co. Truck
Okay, so it's not exactly a coffee shop persay, but the Réveille Coffee Co. truck, parked in Jackson Square, is definitely cute-to-boot. The sleek and modern all-black truck with bold white lettering was once a bright yellow DHL carrier before brothers Christopher and Tommy Newbury scooped it up and converted it. Now it's a favorite stop for all the worker bees at Levi's just up the street and the graphic designers and creative types milling about the scenic 'hood to grab a mug of Four Barrel.

Réveille Coffee Co., Sansome Street (between Gold Street and Pacific Avenue); 415-789-6258.

Photo: Gina Esposito
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Brown Owl Cafe
The Sunset's Brown Owl Cafe seats maybe a dozen people. If you're lucky enough to be one of them, we suggest you order the amazing house-roasted coffee, snag an Irish scone, handmade baklava, or vegan Pepples donut, and have a seat on a rustic tree trunk stool. If you're alone, the plush owls and cupcakes will keep loneliness at bay—plus, you can entertain yourself by reading the entertaining "missed connections" board on the wall of the cozy spot. Who knows, maybe next time you'll have company!

Brown Owl Cafe, 1131 Taraval Street (between 21st and 22nd avenues); 415-242-1426.

Photo: Bobby Menbari
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Reverie Cafe Bar
Reverie Cafe is a super-cute venue in the equally adorable neighborhood of Cole Valley. We suggest taking it all in by grabbing a sandwich from Say Cheese next door (it shares owners with Reverie) and nibble it in Reverie's darkly wooded and locals-heavy interior or dreamy flower-filled back patio. Then, if you need to snap out of your mid-day daydream, grab a cup of Equator java that Reverie serves up a-plenty.

Reverie Cafe Bar, 848 Cole Street (between Frederick and Carl streets); 415-242-0200.
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Contraband Coffee Bar
Contraband brings a little taste of the Mission to Nob Hill—but it's hip, minus the tragic. With tulips brightening up its sleek wood interior and chill music piped in via Pandora, it's the perfect setting to enjoy one of their single-source coffees from Bali or Brazil. Of course if you opt for an espresso drink, you get to experience the venue’s masterful foam art. Decisions, decisions! While you ponder, grab one of the many baked goods up for grabs: Cookies, muffins, and Dynamo Donuts tend to make tough choices come easier, don’t ya think?

Contraband Coffee Bar, 1415 Larkin Street (between California and Sacramento streets); 415-839-7388.
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Jackson Place Cafe
Honestly, we love any excuse to head to Jackson Square, since it’s the quickest and cheapest way to feel like you’re spending a few minutes amongst the gas light-lined cobble-stone streets of Europe. Plus, there’s Jackson Place Cafe, a local spot with a brightly lit Moulin Rouge-worthy marquee that serves up tasty Blue Bottle Coffee, along with fresh-baked croissants, bagels, and to-die-for seasonal yogurt parfaits. Seating is outside-only, but partially protected from the wind by the surrounding buildings with their charming balconies overflowing with foliage. Enjoy a grilled panini, organic salad, or vegan faro and quinoa salad for a romantic lunch while being serenaded by the barista's and clientele's romantic accents.

Jackson Place Cafe, 633 Battery Street (between Jackson Street and Pacific Avenue); 415-225-4891.
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Dash Cafe
The '70s-inspired font on the sign hints at the oasis of cuteness inside of Dash Cafe, which sits on an otherwise nondescript Sunset block. Like zillions of other cafes in the city, you'll find laptops galore, with remote workers taking advantage of the free wi-fi. But unlike any cafe we've heard of, you'll also find a genius creation: Waffle sandwiches! We suggest the brie, prosciutto, and apple version along with one of Dash’s homemade vegan soups. Then finish it off with a mug of Blue Bottle java while you take in the impressive in-shop art collection.

Dash Cafe, 420 Judah Street (between 9th and 10th avenues); 415-661-1237.
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Epicenter Cafe
Don't come to Epicenter Cafe just because it's utterly adorbs (just check out that entry way!), visit this SoMa establishment for its delish Barefoot Coffee drinks, house-made tiramisu, and bread pudding by local chef Ryan Chandler. The savory dishes are house-made, too, and include lamb burgers, shepherd's pie, and mac and cheese. The dark wood interiors and artful floral arrangements provide a pleasant place to hunker down for a couple hours, and, to sweeten the deal, the wi-fi is on the house.

Epicenter Cafe, 764 Harrison Street (between 4th and Lapu streets); 415-543-5436.