1 Girl, 4 Looks: A Missoni Heiress' Starlet Style

Whether you love or hate the term It Girl, Jennifer Missoni is definitely a girl about town who has, by all accounts of the definition, it: amazing style, an acting career on the rise, a lovely fiancé, oh, and a famous-beyond-famous last name. After meeting up with her for an exclusive photoshoot, though, we were thrilled to find out that while she's a red-carpet stunner, in her everyday life, Jennifer's style reflects her casual-cool expat upbringing.
She favors comfort over shock-factor, relying heavily on workout clothes while bustling to and from her Tribeca apartment (yeah, we hear you, with the collective "holla-back"), and opts for dirty hair over shampooing every day (again, we can relate). We guess the difference, then, between It Girls and this girl, is that we're totally and truly rooting for her. After having seen Ms. Missoni's recurring roles on shows like Gossip Girl , we so look forward to watching her big screen debut, opposite Christian Slater (eek!) in March's Playback. And as for the fashion stuff? Dressing may come naturally to Jennifer (it is, after all, in her blood) but she'll leave the designing to the fam, in favor of taking director's cues from the pros. And we're cool with that.
Click through to check out four of Jennifer's favorite winter looks, and to steal a few of her styling tricks.
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How has your family influenced your style?
"I think it's made me feel like I can take risks when it comes to choosing a fun, over-the-top dress for a red carpet event."

Describe your personal style in 7 words or less.
"Comfortable and practical."

Printed coat by Missoni, black tights from Wolford, magenta booties are Louboutin.

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Do you have any dreams of taking part in the Missoni biz?
"No, not at all. I've never been passionate about fashion and design in that way. Acting has always been my creative outlet and form of self-expression."

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Who is your style hero?
"My grandfather, Ottavio Missoni. He is the king of casual cool."

Some might call you an It girl. Does that bug you or do you embrace it?
"I certainly embrace it, but I'm looking forward to being recognized for my work and not my last name."

Louboutin booties.

Photographed by Sam Horine
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What's your beauty regimen like?
"I work out and drink three to four liters of water every day. I always take my makeup off before I go to sleep. I love Jurlique's moisture replenishing day cream for my face and and Yu.Be's moisturizing skin cream for my hands."

Missoni coat.

Photographed by Sam Horine
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What are your favorite stores and spas in NYC?
"I love health food stores! I can easily spend an hour in Lifethyme. And I love Alma Salon and Spa. I've been going there for 8 years, for my hair, nails, and facials. Alma is the best colorist in the world, Mariza gives the best manicure and pedicure, and Lourdes is a magician esthetician!"

What is the most-worn item of clothing in your closet?
"My Diesel jeans (I'm wearing them here!)."

Diesel jeans, Miu Miu boots, Missoni shirt and fingerless gloves, striped hat that Jennifer's fiancé's 90 year old grandmother knit for Christmas last year!

Photographed by Sam Horine
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What is the coolest role you've played so far?
"I loved my character Dee Dee in Playback. It's a supernatural thriller with Christian Slater, coming out in theaters on March 9 . I almost wish that character was part of a television series because I would love to play her every single day."

Miu Miu boots

Photographed by Sam Horine
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What is your ultimate dream role?
"I'm interested in characters who are fighting against a system of oppression, like Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich or Julianne Moore in Children Of Men."

Photographed by Sam Horine
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What's the last great movie you saw?
"Another Happy Day. I thought it was epic. An honest portrait of a dysfunctional American family."

Little black dress from BCBG, white studded sandals by Miu Miu, pink clutch by Christian Louboutin.

Photographed by Sam Horine
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If you had a theme song what would it be?
"Let It Be"

Miu Miu sandals.

Photographed by Sam Horine
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What is your most surprising style secret?
"Dirty hair. Very dirty hair."

The flower ring is Jennifer's engagement ring, white bracelet from Alaska and the 1940s vintage frog bracelet was given to Jennifer by her future mother-in-law.

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Do you have different style theories for the red carpet and for daily life?
"I live in my workout clothes. That's what I wear every day. I honestly don't know know what I would do without my collection of Lululemon leggings! And then on the flip side, the red carpet is all about playing dress up and having fun with high heels and fun, sexy, girly dresses."

Leggings from LuluLemon, pink t-shirt from Tonic, brown lined hoodie by Ninette, sneakers from Nike, tan purse by Hermés.

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Who's your dream co-star?
"I'd love to work with Michael Fassbender, Jesse Eisenberg, and Ezra Miller."

Bag by Hermés

Photographed by Sam Horine
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What's your biggest challenge as a young actress today?
"I'm not that interested in playing the sexy femme fatale or the sweet girl next door...and there aren't really that many interesting roles being written for young women [outside of those options]."

Photographed by Sam Horine