Model Coco Rocha's 4 Runway-Ready Looks

Lara Stone has that unmissable gap. Adriana Lima's got to-die-for dimples. Lindsey Wixson's lips won't quit. We're all for supermodels with signature features, and perhaps the most unmissable (and enviable) of all is Coco Rocha and her sharp-enough-to-cut-yourself cheekbones. And the Vogue cover girl's style is just as razor sharp. To get you in the mood to add some fierce (hey, she was just on ANTM!) to your holiday wardrobe, we hit up Coco to pose in four oh-so-runway outfits. She obliged happily in looks that have all the studs, chains, leather, and shearling booties you could possibly need. Inside her Gramercy Park apartment, the Canadian import—who effortlessly mixed H&M and rag & bone—sat down with us for a frank and funny chat that covered everything from budget buys and bold lips to her brand-new jewelry line (wait 'til you see that bracelet). "If you're the first one to call yourself a supermodel, you're not!," says Coco. And guess what? She wasn't.
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Coco in a Zara leopard top, Topshop pants, vintage shoes, Stefanel jacket, Stefanel hat, and Sovanna by Coco Rocha for Senhoa earrings.

How long do you spend on the internet? What are you favorite websites?
"With mobile Internet it's hard to say, but I'm definitely checking email, Twitter, the blog, etc, for a minute or two every other waking hour. I consider keeping up with my social media 'work' though, so when I'm just surfing for fun, I love going to Refinery29,,,, and I'll do some aimless exploration, too."
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What's been the best fan moment you've had?
"I think probably in England. James and I were at a random little Indian restaurant eating and this Brazilian girl comes over to us asking 'Are you Cucko Rocha and James Cooneran!?' We had a nice little chat at the time, and then later that evening I was on Youtube and found a video she had uploaded of herself, just sitting there crying at the Indian restaurant with James and I eating in the background. It was bizarre, but sweet."
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Do you have any hidden talents?
"I don't know about it being hidden, but I pride myself on my lip-syncing skills. Give me any old show tune or Barbra Streisand song, and I'll lip sync the living daylights out of it!"
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How would you define a "supermodel?"
"Oh this is one of my favorite topics! These days, everyone is labeled a supermodel. It has become one of those horribly overused and over-applied words like 'fashionista,' and it drives me insane! Some 14-year-old-girl opens a show. and all of a sudden she's being called a supermodel now? 

Here are my three rules to find out if you're a supermodel: 

1) If you're the first one to call yourself a supermodel, you're not!
 2) If you don't have a magazine cover older than 10 years, you're not! 
3) If you have to say your second name for people to know who you are, you're not!"
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Coco in a Zac Posen gown, Topshop shoes, Rachany by Coco Rocha for Senhoa necklace.

What do you love best about married life?
"I remember when we were dating, we would always try to out-do each other with these fantastically complicated dates. Now when we have some down time, we just sit home with take out and order a movie—we're completely happy with that. Married life is just so easy and comfortable."
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If you could only shop one designer, who would it be? "I'd fill my closet with McQueen. You can't go wrong with an all McQueen wardrobe!"
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You always have a banging bold lip look. What lipsticks do you use? Any tips on wearing a bold lip?
"You know what, I'm usually all about a light lip and I'll often use concealer on my lips, but James complains all the time that when he kisses me, he gets these chalky white lips, so now I'm starting to wear a bold color more just to please him! But, lately I've been loving oranges and bright reds."
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Coco in a Rag & Bone jacket, H&M top, Stefanel pants, Rag & Bone shoes, Chantrea by Coco Rocha for Senhoa necklace, Chantha by Coco Rocha for Senhoa necklace.
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Tell us about your jewelry line! Why did you start it?
"I first met Lisa, who's one of the founders of Senhoa at my wedding last year. Lisa was the girlfriend of one of our wedding videographers, and the day before my wedding, she explained to me the mission of the charity, how these girls have been saved from human trafficking, and then gifted me with a beautiful bracelet that the girls had made, which I ended up wearing the morning of my wedding. I was really impressed with the quality of their work and the story of where the girls came from, so for the next year or so I tried to wear Senhoa pieces whenever I could at red carpet events in order to promote their cause. Earlier this year, we came up with the idea of a jewelry collaboration line being the most effective way I could help them further their mission. Then I started making sketches..."

See it all here!
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What were the inspirations? Who do you think the consumer will be?
"I'm very picky about the jewelry I like to wear, so this collection definitely reflects my personal design aesthetic. We wanted to create a very fashion-forward collection, but still incorporate the wonderful beading work the Senhoa girls are known for. We tried to keep the price-points of our jewelry pieces within reach of the very fashion-savvy girls (and boys) who follow me. Some of the pieces are on the high-end, but I think when people learn about the wonderful cause these pieces support, they won't feel bad about spending that money. Our motto is 'accessorize your conscience,' and really, no one has a reason to feel guilty for treating themselves to one of these pieces!"
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Would you ever do your own reality show? 

"I've been approached a few times, and every time I've backed away from it. In general, reality television is anything but real and I wouldn't want to sensationalize my life. If the project was coming from the right angle, I would definitely consider it, but so far its all been 'America's Next Real Model of the Jersey Shore' pitches."
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Coco in a Supima black T-shirt, Reiss leather pants, Topshop boots,. Sophon by Coco Rocha for Senhoa necklace.

What do you eat in a typical day?
"For breakfast, I'll have a bowl of cereal followed by another bowl about an hour later. For lunch, I'll have a salad or sandwich and then a big dinner around 5 p.m. followed by a final bowl of cereal around 9 p.m.. Did I mention I love cereal?"
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What's your favorite budget go-to for fashion? 

"For shoes, Aldo. For clothes, Topshop on Broadway in Manhattan."
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You experiment with your hair color...any model tress secrets??

"Find a good hairdresser, and don't try to do it yourself! With all the changes I've made to my hair color in the last three years, I'm lucky not to be bald right now."