1 Baby, 4 Looks: A Cute Local Shows Off Her Kiddie Threads

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on July 10.]
If you're harboring any doubts that big style can come in small packages, you only need to cast your eyes in the direction of local toddler Sophie Paynter. The child of photographer and director Andrew Paynter (he's worked on projects for 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chance, Levi's, and more) and his wife Thao, this 22-month-old tot first came to our attention through her dad's Instagram stream. And boy were we impressed.
Clad in nautical stripes, The Hill-Side scarves-cum-bibs, and mini Jack Purcell's, this kid's got a wardrobe we could totally borrow from (if we were 10 sizes smaller). Ready for a boatload of aww-worthy snaps of the tiny Rockridge resident, shot by her pops? Just click through for your daily dose of jaw-dropping cute overload. Trust, you'll be glad you did.
Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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Does Sophie have her own sense of style yet?
Andrew Paynter: "Not really. There are things she gravitates towards, but in general, we tend to dress her. She's still pretty young."

Does she like to shop? If so, what pieces does she gravitate towards?
"She loves shopping for food. Her favorite thing in the world is going to the market. She gravitates to fruit, always!"

Sophie chills on her front porch in a Saint James shirt, The Hill-Side scarf, Rachel Riley shoes, and jeans and bow from J.Crew.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What are your favorite places to shop for Sophie?
"Most of Sophie's clothes come from my sister back East, friends, and family. Thao tends to buy everything else. I do see packages from J.Crew a lot."

Tell us about the cool "bibs"/hankies that she wears!
"Her bibs/bandanas are The Hill-Side and they are from Unionmade in San Francisco."

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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We notice Sophie's not a typical "pink" girl. Do you and your wife consciously shy away from dressing her in that color?
"We're not sure she's quite developed a color sense yet. She likes stripes a lot. She says it often. We are kind of avoiding the 'princess pallette.' Eventually she'll be older and can choose for herself."

Like father, like daughter. Sophie poses with her wooden toy camera.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What are some pieces in her closet that she wears over and over again?
"Jeans, her Saint James striped shirt from her best friend Addis, The Hill-Side bandanas ( her teeth are coming in full on, so there's a drool session constantly), her chambray romper, and she loves her pajamas."

Sophie's kicks collection includes (left to right) pairs by Toms, Jack Purcell, and Rachel Riley.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What's the one thing you'd never dress her in?
"Shirts with hipster graphics."

Sophie rides her pony in a Mini Boden dress, vintage cardigan, Rachel Riley shoes, and a J.Crew bow.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What is Sophie's favorite book? Movie? Song?
"Probably Good Night Moon. She loves books and has loads of them, but at the end of the day, that's her favorite. We don't really watch much TV at all with her, but we do show her Le Balloon Rouge and she is obsessed with it. Every morning she requests watching it. Sophie loves music and we mostly play music at home. She seems to love Dave Brubeck the most. At least she responds to it and asks to play it again. Not sure which song. We do love 'Take Five' for the drums."

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What was Sophie's first word and what are her favorite words now?
"Her first word was 'mommy.' She's been talking up a storm over the last couple of months. She speaks full sentences. But I would say a few favorites would be 'hello,' 'more,' 'banana,' 'walking,' and 'I love you.'"

Sophie waters her plants in a striped top by Tea Collection, a The Hill-Side scarf, J.Crew jeans and jean jacket, and Jack Purcell sneakers.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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How would you describe your own personal style?
Thao Paytner: "We aren't really fashion people. Just plain old folks. I like our friend Juila Leach's line Chance and her great shirts and shorts. I also like comfortable clothes and subtle colors."

Andrew Paynter: "I prefer khakis or jeans and button-up shirts and sweaters. We've been fortunate to get lots of nice things from various clients I shoot for: Unionmade, Phillip Lim, Chance, Converse..."

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What are your favorite things to do together?
Andrew Paynter: "We love to go up to Tilden park. We live in Rockridge, in the hills. It's very close. We also love going to the farmers' market and to the museum with Sophie. She loved the Jean Paul Gaultier show at the de Young."

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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Has Sophie received any cool gifts from friends of yours in the fashion/music/film/skate world?
"Ha! She has received some pretty rad things. The artist Cody Hudson did a really nice piece that hangs in her room. Phillip Lim sent her a super nice leather bag for travel. Geoff McFetridge sent her really rad summer sleep sacks with bees on them. Photographer Paul Schiek got her a rad hat from the Cotton Sheep in Hayes. Evan Hecox mailed her some really nice handmade German finger puppets."

Sophie plays in her pint-sized kitchen in a Gap romper, The Hill-Side scarf, and J.Crew bow.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What are your favorite kid-friendly restaurants in the Bay Area?
"Pizzaiolo, Ohgane Korean BBQ, Turtle Tower Vietnamese, Tacubaya, and Dona Tomas."

Sophie shows some love to her mama, Thao Paynter.

Photographed by Andrew Paynter
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What is Sophie's favorite summertime outfit?
"She loves rompers and a sun hat."

Photographed by Andrew Paynter