These Are The Best Mats Out There For Every Type Of Yogi

A yoga mat is a simple thing. But picking one can get very complicated, very quickly. Do you need one that'll soak up all of your Bikram-induced sweat? Or are you after one that'll stow away quickly after class? Maybe you're in need of a little extra sturdiness as you try new poses, each more daring than the last.

Either way, it's easy to feel overwhelmed (by the prices, if nothing else). But have no fear — we're here for you. In this post, we've collected all of our favorite super-light, extra cushy, extremely grippy, wallet-friendly, and totally eco-minded mats. You're sure to find your new favorite to take you to your next asana and beyond.
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A budget mat from a great brand.
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This eco-friendly mat calls itself the "best yoga mat ever." And, really, we are not going to argue with that.
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The sweat-proof, washer/dryer-safe "flap mat" also features grid stitching to help you nail your alignment.
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Barefoot's classic, environmentally friendly mat comes in two sizes (72 and 84 inches). Bonus: It's biodegradable.
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This springy mat won't break the bank — and features just the right level of morbidity for a Saturday morning Vinyasa.
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Coming in at 8 mm, this is one of the thickest (and comfiest) mats available.
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For those days when a simple mat isn't enough, try practicing on this work of art.
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This genius mat from Jade Yoga folds up to the size of a yoga block.
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The perfect combination of grip and cushion, this mat can start any beginner off on the right foot.
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This classic mat is also budget-friendly.
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This one's a sticky, classic mat at a totally reasonable price.
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You've seen grippy mats and you've seen yoga towels. But this particular pair was actually designed to be used together — and they lock into place. No more sweaty slipping!
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The super-lightweight Reversible Mat from Lululemon has two sides with different types of grip, so you can choose the best for your practice.
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This pretty rug can be used over a mat as an alternative to a towel — or on its own.
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This is just one of Magic Carpet's many beautifully designed mats.