10 Easy Bedroom Projects To DIY When You’re Bored

As much as we love trawling houseware stores for decor supplies, a DIY'd object carries much more emotional significance than our newest shopping conquest. It's a labor of love — something we crafted with our own bare hands — that also lends itself to convenient opportunities for social media humblebragging.
With so many long weekends and holidays coming up, home projects are great for killing boredom and keeping your creative juices flowing. We're zooming in on the part of your home that feng shui experts have deemed to be most important to your well-being: your bedroom. Read on for 9 easy DIY tutorials that will make your sleeping quarters look like an interior design catalog.
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Summer Hammock Chair

An indoor hammock is what hygge dreams are made of. You'll be a step closer to cozy Danish living with this how-to from A Beautiful Mess.
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Marble Moon Phase Wall Hanging

This beautiful garland by Almost Makes Perfect will only take you 20 minutes to make. We're completely floored by the genius hack of creating marble lookalikes entirely out of clay.
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Floral Curtain

Artificial flowers may look cheesy on their own, but the creative geniuses behind Design Love Fest have come up with a brilliant upcycle tutorial for them. Glue these fake blooms to sheer curtain panels to create this pretty Instagram bait.
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Rope Coil Basket

With some $6 cotton piping and a hot glue gun, you'll be able to recreate this pretty rope coil basket, which typically costs you upwards of $100 at fancy home stores. The most amazing part about this Alice & Lois tutorial? No sewing skills are needed to pull this off.
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Floating Shelf Planter

Got some extra wooden lids and yarn lying around? Sounds like it's time to build a new home for your succulents and air plants. Let these tips from Place of My Taste guide you.
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Geometric Wall Shelves

This hexagonal unit will take your #shelfies to the next level. Bookmark this SheKnows tutorial and grab some pinewood boards. With a quickie paint job, you can switch up the whole look and feel of your wall.
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Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves are a cute storage solution for displaying shoes, books, and towels. Follow Design Sponge's simple guide to see how you can recreate the look.
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Mid-Century Nightstand

Hairpin legs are the secret game-changers of the DIY world. You'll be able to fashion a nightstand out of any shelving unit or wooden plank by simply screwing them on the bottom. This Burkatron creation has the classic look of mid-century furniture.
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Lightbulb Planters

This how-to by German blogger Fee ist mein Name will show you how to repurpose used lightbulbs into cute hanging planters. For those non-German speakers out there, our own Bea Copeland has a similar tutorial for lightbulb terrariums — plus tips for a succulent wall, hanging planter, and more.
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Hanging Organizer

Get your life in order with this no-brainer of a project, which will keep all your memos, notes, and stationery in one place. Be prepared to see a spike in productivity.
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