10 Stunning Pictures Of Wedding Dresses From Around The World

Photo: Zubin Shroff/Getty Images.
The tradition of white wedding dresses is a relatively recent phenomenon. While brides in Europe and the U.S. have worn them for centuries, other hues (including yellow, blue, gray, and even black) were also quite popular way back when. It was only after Queen Victoria wore white to her 1840 nuptials that the white wedding dress became ubiquitous.

The cuts and styles may have changed, but the white gowns worn by most brides in the West today are not radically different from the one Queen Victoria donned almost two centuries ago.

In other parts of the world, however, traditional bridal attire is quite different. Ahead, 10 extraordinary images that celebrate the diverse wedding styles and customs of various peoples and cultures — from Tibet to Bulgaria.
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Photo: Zubin Shroff/Getty Images.
This Hindu bride preps for her wedding while Mehndi (henna) designs are applied to her hands.
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Photo: Finbarr O'Reilly / Reuters.
A bride and groom in the East African country wear traditional ceremonial wedding clothes, including dark-velvet crowns.
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Photo: Ayse Yildiz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
This bride and her groom made headlines when they stopped by the polls to vote before getting married on election day.
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Photo: Alamy Stock.
A bride dons the traditional wedding attire and headdress of the Palóc subgroup in Northern Hungary.
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Photo: Damir Sagolj / Reuters.
A newlywed couple poses in front of prayer flags on their wedding day.
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Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images.
In the remote southwestern town of Ribnovo, the practice of "gelena" involves covering the bride's face with paint and colorful sequins.
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Wearing a peach-colored dress and hijab, this Muslim bride poses for a photo on her bed, which is decorated with flowers for her wedding night.
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Photo: Ingetje Tadros/Getty Images.
A Balinese bride poses for a portrait on her wedding day.
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Photo: Romana Chapman/Getty Images.
This Shinto bride dons a red and white kimono, as well as the traditional paper headdress, known as a tsuno-kakushi.
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Photo: PARK YEONG-DAE/AFP/Getty Images.
South Korea
A Korean couple in their brightly colored wedding hanbok, ceremonial dress worn on formal occasions.