Party Hacks Every 20-Something Should Know

You never really need a reason to throw a good party — but the prep and cleanup might beg some justification. In the interest of fostering hassle-free fetes, we offer up these tricks and tips that make any gathering a breeze — from easy ice cubes for frosty cocktails to the best way to roast a chicken. So go ahead, invite everyone over for dinner.

How To Make A Watermelon Keg

Photographed by Davide Luciano
Nothing says party like a keg — a watermelon keg, that is. Grab a large watermelon, a sharp knife or drill, and a spigot, and you've got yourself a fun, creative booze dispenser in four steps.

1. Find a stable base for your watermelon. Cut off the top and scoop out all the fruit with a spoon. Pro tip: Save the juice for drinks (and eat the melon!).

2. Choose a spot to attach the spigot, about a quarter of the way up from the base of the watermelon. One glass should be able to fit underneath the spigot (but if you make it too high, no liquid will flow out).

3. Use a sharp knife or drill to create a small incision at the selected spot. Slowly widen the hole with a knife until it's the right size.

4. Insert the spigot and test by pouring a bit of water into the top of the watermelon. If it works, just pat the inside dry and fill it with the drink of your choice. Our favorite: mojitos.