Under-$10 Valentine's Day Gifts That Don't Suck

If money were no object, we'd all be swathing our better halves with designer goods or surprising them with mid-February trips to Fiji. But, this is the real world, and that kind of love doesn't come cheap. For lovers celebrating V-Day with dates like dinner and a show, the evening's already going to cost a pretty penny. Even if you're going for a more chill vibe, an affordable gift seems like a better idea than draining your bank account before the second month of 2015 really gets underway. 

To help you keep your budget as in-synch as your relationship, we rounded up 30 stellar under-$10 gifts. In case you're dubious, this isn't a whole bunch of chocolates and lower-shelf bottles of wine. The goods ahead are thoughtful, quirky, and unique — just like the one you love.
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Much cooler than the ones you buy in the drugstore.
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It's a subtle — but pretty! — way to tell her to write things down.
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After dinner, do an art project together — fifth-grade style.
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For the girl that needs just one more thing to toss in her black hole of a purse.
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Doesn't get any sweeter than that.
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He actually wants socks now. He’s not five anymore.
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His and hers. His and his. Hers and hers. The important thing here is you're sharing your keys.
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Cheaper than an hour-long massage.
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Heart-shaped chocolates are overrated.
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You know what these are for.
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Because someone (all of us) just needs this.
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Drive out any negative spirits and make that nest you share an even happier place.
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If you don't live in NYC, maybe plan a bivalve-bingeing trip soon.
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Something’s got to light all those candles for your evening in.
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He already hums constantly and fancies himself a one-man band; just get him the harmonica already.
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Give each other manicures after dinner.
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Candy they'll actually want.
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Arts and crafts time — with little to no effort. Just tape this on your favorite vase and you're done.
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Personalized, but not too personal.
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This is not the holiday for subtlety.
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Almost better than the real thing.
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Drop this in the bath and then the rest is up to you.
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Who wouldn't want to use soap when it comes in this rad, vintage-y package?
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Just do the dishes — it's the perfect gift.
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Homemade cupcakes are always a good idea.
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Now's the perfect time to spring for new boxers.
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If you're having trouble expressing how you really feel.
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Sometimes a card is all you need.
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For making romantic wishes.

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