The Best Bars In NYC To Meet Your Thanksgiving-Eve Needs

While Thanksgiving is a time for family and food, we'd be lying if we said that Thanksgiving eve is about anything other than friends and drinking. Maybe you're getting back into town for the first time in a while and need a place to re-unite with that special someone, or maybe your family's in for the weekend and you want to show off by showing them you know all the "secret" spots, or maybe you're looking for a loud-and-raunchy spot to blow off some steam before you sit down to feast tomorrow. No matter what you're looking to do tonight, if you're ready to hit the town, sip a drink, and hang with a cool crowd, we've got the place for you. And, to take out all that travel time, we've picked a spot from all four corners of Manhattan fit each Thanksgiving-eve need. Go ahead and thank us for now, but when the annual Turkey-Day hangover kicks in tomorrow morning, you may want take back your applause.
The Thanksgiving Eve Dance-Up-An-Appetite Bar
Come the food hangover, even the Black Friday rush can't stop the inevitable calorie-counting regret. Get prepped ahead of time for the biggest food focus of the year with a Thanksgiving Eve workout-worthy dance scene. 
Upper West Side: Prohibition, 503 Columbus Avenue (at West 83rd Street); 212-579-3100.
Upper East Side: Stir, 1363 First Ave. (at East 73rd Street); 212-744-7190.
Lower East Side: Hotel Chantelle 92 Ludlow Street (at Delancy Street); 212-254-9100.
West Village: Bar 13, 35 E. 13th Street (at University Place); 212-979-6677.
Photo: Via Prohibition
The Anti-Holiday Season Bar
Looking to hide from your (or your partner's) insane family? Holiday music in your coffee house and wreaths on every other street bring out the Scrooge in you already? Look no further than the dark and dirty bar to allow all the indulgent moping your heart desires.
Upper West Side: Ding Dong Lounge, 929 Columbus Ave (at West 105th Street); 212-663-2600.
Upper East Side:Subway Inn, 143 E. 60th Street (at Lexington Avenue); 212-223-8929.
Lower East Side: No Malice Palace 197 E. 3rd Street (at Avenue B); 212-9184.
West Village: Lela Bar, 422 Hudson Street (at Leroy Street); 212-206-0594.
Photo: Via No Malice Palace
The Impress Your Favorite Visitors Bar
Get classy and cozy with your closest family and friends in these intimate spaces. Local or not, they'll love your picks.
Upper West Side: Barcibo Enoteca 2020 Broadway (at West 69th Street); 212-595-2805.
Upper East Side: Bemelman's Bar 35 E. 76th Street (at Madison Avenue); 212-744-1600.
Lower East Side: The Back Room, 102 Norfolk Street and Rivington Street, 212-228-5098.
West Village:  Little Branch, 20 7th Ave. South (at West 13th Street); 212-929-4360.
Photo: Via The Carlyle
The 'Tis-The-Season Reunion Date Bar
Thanksgiving means reuniting with more than just your stretchy pants. Feeling giving enough to give your ex a seasonal (second) shot? Seeking flattering lighting and cocktails at these spots for a rendezvous warm enough to rev up a potential positive turnout, and easy enough to slip out of if things get a little awk.
Upper West Side: MO Bar, 80 Columbus Circle; 212-805-8876.
Upper East Side: Auction House, 300 E. 89th Street (at 2nd Avenue); 212-427-4458.
Lower East Side: Bob Bar, 235 Eldridge Street (at Stanton Street); 212-529-1807.
West Village: Rabbit Club, 124 MacDougal Street (at W. 3rd Street); no phone available.
Photo: Via Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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