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Sweat: How To Avoid It & How To Deal

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    Do you know anyone who likes to sweat? Like, really enjoys the sensation of sweating outside of a hot yoga room? You don’t — namely because sweat has a habit of totally destroying our makeup and cute summer outfits.

    Once clothes start clinging, the sweat collects in our eyebrows, and it feels like our underthings have become a wetlands preserve, our moods go as limp as our blowouts. But, staying in a climate-controlled environment all summer isn’t a solution — we’ve got picnics, cookouts, pool parties, and music festivals that beer commercials tell us we should be enjoying.

    Since summer activities demand we be outside for these events and the average person has about 2 million sweat glands, we’ve got to find a way to deal. So, we spoke with researchers and top derms and found products to help you do just that.

    Click through to find ways to keep your inner thermostat on a much less swampy setting — plus, gather tips for how best to clean yourself up when the heat wins in that never-ending sweat battle.

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