Suno's Latest Pattern Play Kills And Thrills

There's no getting around it: This editor is undeniably obsessed with Suno. What designers Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty seem to have done in the short time they've been creating Suno, is really own their point of view, beautiful warts and all. While a clash of grandma patterns and long sinewy caftan-style gowns make us think of a modern—and edgier—Talitha Getty, the overall message of Suno's latest collection was that of individuality and a timeless exuberance that sadly seems lacking elsewhere these days. The flowing palazzo pants paired with little sweaters were wonderful, as were the expert layering of one long diaphanous dress over another (and they're not the only ones this season that are doing it). The structured wool vests and soft-shouldered cape coats gave the whole collection more heft and really proved there's so much more to come from this these seriously talented designers...and we can't wait.
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Lizzie Fortunato for Suno jewelry
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Lizzie Fortunato for Suno jewelry
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Lizzie Fortunato and Kathryn Fortunato
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