Here's What Our Editors Are Cutting From Their Closets This Spring

To be honest, editors get a lot of stuff. We essentially have our jobs because we love clothes, but that also means that our closets tend to overflow into other areas of our apartments. We keep up with trends more than we keep up with the Kardashians (shocking, we know), and thus tend to accumulate more clothing than any one person should really have.
But, that also means we have to do serious routine clean-outs (or suffer the extremely cluttered consequences). And with Spring slowly but surely making its long-awaited debut, there's no better time to assess what we love, and what we can live without — and to make room for more of the former. To do so, we asked our editors what they're getting rid of this season. See their picks ahead, and say get ready to say so long, closet deadweight: We can't wait to fill your space with some fresh spring buys.
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Ultra-Skinny Jeans
"I've kept a few pairs of these around thinking one day Ill get the urge to tap into my '80s style, but these guys have been collecting dust on my shelf practically since then. The tight-around-the-calf and-ankle just isn't flattering or comfortable."
- Emily Holland, Styling Director
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Old Bikinis
"Let's face it, going bathing suit shopping is never a true thrill. That's why I just keep amassing random bikinis that don't flatter and/or don't fit. Not this season. I'm dumping the old weird ones in favor of just two or so suits that suit me the best. It'll be tough to purge the funky tops and mismatched bottoms, but I'll just keep reminding myself I can only wear one at a time anyways."
- Annie Georgia Greenberg, Fashion Editor-at-Large
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Worn-Out Pajamas
"As much as I love fashion, I feel my best at home, in a matching PJs set. The only problem? I wear (and wash) them to death, to the point where many of my beloved pieces of loungewear look like they've lived one too many lives. I have so many pairs that have been shoved to the back of my drawer, that I know I won't wear again because of how they look — so why keep them? Now's the time to make room for some new ones."
- Erin Cunningham, Senior Fashion Editor
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Freakum Dresses
"Back when I used "clubbing" in earnest, I would wear these dresses all the time. I kept them around even though I prefer dive bars over clubs these days, but I'm planning on giving up the ghost. The fact that I had some really good times in them makes the purge hurt a little. But I guess that's what Facebook photo albums (with privacy features!) is for..."
- Connie Wang, Senior Fashion Features Writer
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Ill-Fitting Denim
"I'm in Year 24 of my quest for the perfect pair of jeans. I've always had to compromise fit for look, or vice-versa — I've cycled through brands, silhouettes, and trends in my futile attempt to find denim that feels as if it was made just for me. Over the past year, I've accumulated a lot of new styles, from high-rise to dip-dyed hem to cropped flare, and they've mostly been sitting in my closet after a few failed test runs. I'm not giving up on my search just yet, but I will be a little more mindful as I shop for new pairs this year."
- Ana Colon, Fashion News Writer
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Vintage Tees
"I’ve got to get rid of a good chunk of my vintage T-shirt collection. I don’t know why I keep buying them, but because they’re so inexpensive — and because I’ve developed a newfound love for vintage shops — I just pick them up wherever I go. But that means I’ve got a lot of random ones that I don’t know the history of, or simply just don’t need. Maybe I’ll resell them to a vintage boutique so they can continue to live on..."
- Landon Peoples, Fashion News Writer
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Wear-Once Blouses
"I have a bad habit of grabbing a cheap top at fast-fashion stores every time I'm in an outfit pinch for an event or a date-night. But, I'm realizing that not only are they poor quality, but they're not versatile (they're usually overly printed or overly trendy), and I end up wearing them only once. This spring, I'm cleaning house and getting rid of all of them — and stopping this habit once and for all."
- Alyssa Coscarelli, Fashion Market Editor

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