4 Sparkly Eye & Brow Looks To Kick The Night Off Right

My favorite part of July 4th weekend is the fireworks. Having the day off is cool and all, and I'll never pass up a good backyard barbecue. But, at the end of the day, I love watching my neighbors set off their illegal sparklers from the front porch, or hitting up a rooftop so I can see the Macy's light show from afar.
The only problem: It's nearly impossible to outshine the grand pyrotechnics of a fireworks show — until now. Use this weekend as an excuse to get extra glittery with your eye glam — whether you're doing the whole lid, just a swipe of liner, or accentuating your brows. I mean, there are plenty of glitter lip tutorials to be seen... but you'll be digging into a plateful of ribs (just me?), so there's no point in wasting that manpower. Find out how to get your shine on, ahead.
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Spruce Up Your Brows

Step 1. Spray your brush with hairspray.

Step 2. Place stars on the brush and gently press onto brow.

Step 3. Apply a glossy nude lip.
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Get Sparkler-Worthy Eyeshadow

Step 1. Start off with a generous coat of black mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

Step 2. Using an eyeliner brush, trace lash glue (we used Duo) onto lids where you want to place the sequins.

Step 3. Grab an eyeshadow brush and gently dab sequins on top of the glue. Once you're done, try not to move or touch your eyes until the glue dries. (A good rule of thumb is 30 seconds.)
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Swipe On A Starry Eyeliner

Step 1. Trace a line of eyelash glue where you would typically apply liquid eyeliner. (Be sure to work quickly so the glue doesn't dry.)

Step 2. Carefully place alternating gold and silver stars (you can find these are your local makeup supply store or craft store) directly onto the glue. Pro Tip: Slightly wet the end of a makeup brush and use the pointed tip to help apply the stars easily.

Step 3. Allow your starry liner to dry for a few minutes and finish off the look with a few coats of mascara.
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Go For The Gold

Step 1. Dip an angled liner brush into a cream pot of matte yellow liner. Then, trace a line along your crease, extending the wing outward.

Step 2. Apply a balm to lids (we like this one) to give the glitter something to grab. Pro Tip: For extra longevity, use eyelash glue.

Step 3. Using your fingers or a flat brush to dab on chunky gold glitter to your lids as desired.
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