Here's How To Sext On Snapchat Like A Pro

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Thanks to the popularity of Snapchat, sexting through regular text messaging feels almost old-fashioned at this point. If you're using filters and fun app features in all other aspects of your life, why not incorporate them into your sext life?
For those flirting with a new crush or attempting to introduce sexting into a long-term relationship, using silly filters and giant emojis can make Snapchat the ultimate sexting icebreaker. And hey, when you and your S.O. have a sex routine nailed down, tantalizing them with a 5-second video that disappears can add extra spice to your sex life. Plus, Snapchat allows you to be a sexy puppy, which is pretty great, if you ask us.
Basically, Snapchat can turn you into a sexting pro. But are you utilizing the app to its full potential? Here are some tips to take your Snapchat sexting game to the next level.
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Play with video.

If you're feeling adventurous, rather than sending a sexy selfie with a caption, record a flirty video with you saying what you want out loud — seriously, whatever you say will be hot. If that seems too nerve-wracking, you could try saying something like, "I've got a surprise waiting for you" or "I can't get last night out of my mind."
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Set the stage with texts.

This is especially important if you're sexting with someone new. Before bombarding your crush or partner with your nudes, it can be polite to start out with a few flirty messages to gauge their interest and establish sexting consent. Start a private chat and tell them how you need someone to come over and share this delicious giant plate of nachos you just made (or any other flirty text to pique their interest). Even if you're trying to naughtily distract your S.O. mid-workday, it can be fun to start out with teasing texts before adding visuals.
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Take a sexy selfie.

Women get shit for taking selfies, which is BS, because there's nothing wrong with celebrating how awesome you look. Find your best sexy selfie pose (here are some great ideas), and send it to your crush or partner. An idea we love? If you're digging your a.m. bedhead, send them a morning selfie with the caption #wokeuplikethis.
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Use those filters.

Question: Who wants to make out with a sexy puppy?

Answer: Your boo does.
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Get silly.

To break the routine and show off your sense of humor, send goofy filtered selfies along with sexy ones, like that cat lady grandma or whatever Taco Bell is promoting at the moment. If your crush can't handle you at your bread loaf face, they don't deserve you at your puppy dog face.