Inspiring Portraits Of The Badass Skate Girls Of Kabul

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Fulford-Dobson.
Girls all over the world are getting on deck with boarding, and Skate Girls of Kabul, a new series by photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson, captures the resurgent culture in an inspiring light.

The London-based artist was lucky enough to be granted access to Skateistan, an NGO founded by Aussie pro-skater Oliver Percovich. The organization's mission is pretty rad: engagement by way of skateboards, better education by way of empowerment. And, a whopping 45 percents of its students, who come from poor and displaced Afghan families, are young women. Fulfod-Dobson had the opportunity to meet and photograph some of these girls in the project's locations in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif.

"I feel lucky to have met [the skate girls]. I hope that this collection captures something of their spirit: their joy in life, their individuality and their community," Fulford-Dobson explains in her artist's statement.

Spirit is definitely the drift we're catching from the beautiful shots assembled here, which will be on display tomorrow through April 28 at the Saatchi Gallery. For more, preorder the Morland-Tate exhibition book with a foreword by Tony Hawk. Now, that's a coffee-table statement worth making.