Proof That This $9 Lipstick Looks Good On EVERYONE

We always knew that Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry looked good on everyone. But we didn't know just how far that theory would take us until we found ourselves down the Instagram rabbit hole that is #revlonblackcherry. There, you'll find women from all over the world — including Mexico, Russia, Japan, South Africa, France, and more — rocking the deep raisin shade in all its glory.
Some wear it patted onto their lips for a pretty flushed stain, while others pile it on for an intense goth look. And several layer it with M.A.C. Russian Red for a custom shade that suits multiple skin tones. (Who knew?) One woman even got really fancy and went for a full-blown ombré look. Props.
The best part? The lipstick retails for less than $9. Scroll ahead to see how it looks on 20 different women, then let us know how you wear it in the comments below.
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