1 Girl, 4 Looks: Chicago's Friendliest Fashion Blogger

Meet Rachel-Marie Jones, style blogger and popular girl du jour in Chi-town. If you haven't already added her blog, Jag Lever, to your Google reader, it's time. We admire her style, effortless cool, and sartorial risk-taking, so we had to pick her brain about all things spring fashion, while snapping a few photos, of course. What should you know about Rachel-Marie? She's got a fearless fashion sense, she might be the nicest person ever, and she's starting to get recognized on the street. No really, it happened during our shoot. If your warmer-weather style is already feeling routine or predictable, take a cue from Rachel-Marie and try something unexpected. She's more than happy to tell you—and show you—how.
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Where do you find inspiration for your blog?
"Most of my blog is about my personal style, but I also love to post about music and things that happen in my daily life. I am inspired mostly by other bloggers, some include Miss Pandora and Hanna and Landon."

On Rachel-Marie: Red shirt with sequin collar from Chicwish. Black shorts from Urban Outfitters, vintage heart shaped sunglasses. Jeffrey Campbell Lana shoes.

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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What are three go-to pieces from your closet that you couldn't live without?
"My leather jacket, my black bowler hat, and my black maxi dress from Inlovewithfashion. All of these items are very versatile and loveable."

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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How would you describe your personal style in three words?
"Edgy, girly, vintage."

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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Who are your style icons?
"I think that I usually dress one of two ways. Either edgy/dark like Lykke Li (lots of black, modern, acne, simple), or vintage girly like Zooey Deschanel (vintage dresses, vintage shoes etc.)."

On Rachel-Marie: Maxi Dress from In Love With Fashion. Vintage hat, and she got that rad necklace at Crossroads!

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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What is a typical workday outfit for you?
"It would depend on the job. Probably a nice dress with tights and nice casual heels. But to school I wear pretty casual clothes. Mostly jeans and a sweater or button up shirt."

If you're loving Rachel-Marie's Senso Sardinia wedges, you're in luck! Grab a pair here.

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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What is one fashion item you're currently hunting for?
"I really want a pair of vintage saddle shoes. I've been looking all over thrift stores/etsy/eBay for the perfect pair! My mom recently showed me a picture of her in a cheer leading formation wearing some. I wish she still had them."

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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If you could only shop in one Chicago store forever, which one would it be?
"Zara. I love Zara so much. Topshop is great, and I love the vintage stores in Chicago, but I think I would be happiest if I could shop at Zara forever."

On Rachel-Marie: White lace dress from Shop United Citizens. Pink blazer from H&M. Brown oxfords from Romwe.

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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You seem to have a great eye for vintage, what is your favorite find of all time?
"It would be really hard to pick just one! Yesterday (while visiting Michigan) I visited one of my favorite vintage hot-spots, which is Lost and Found in Royal Oak. I got this really great cape from the '70s. It's black, cream, and brown with a great stripe print and awesome big black round buttons. I love it. I found a floral print dress there once that I didn't buy and I have regretted that decision. That dress could be my favorite find, and I didn't even buy it. Shameful! So my advice would be never to hesitate when you have a good vintage piece in your hands! You'll never see it again."

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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You have to tell us who cuts those amazing bangs!
"The first person to cut my bangs would be my friend Tony Raymaker. He works at a salon in Royal Oak, MI. He used to cut them for me all the time. But when I moved to Chicago, my friends tidied them up for me. So a lot of people have cut them at some point. But I cut them most frequently. I trim them myself once every two weeks. I only get my hair colored/cut probably twice a year."

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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What style advice do you find yourself dishing out to friends over and over again?
"My friends for the most part dress incredibly well! But if I had to suggest anything, it would be to never hold back and be yourself. Don't wear something just because someone says it's trendy."

On Rachel-Marie: Pink blouse from Pitaya, Acne jean shorts, vintage hat.

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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Shoes: Acne Pixel boots.

Photographed by Julia Stotz
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How does living in Chicago influence your personal style?
"When I visit my home in Michigan, I really see how much my style has changed since moving to Chicago. I feel like I have to pack more conservatively when visiting Michigan, which is pretty funny. I can wear (almost) anything in Chicago and fit in, or I stand out but people are awesome and recognize me for my clothes which feels great. I feel like I'd just get funny looks in Michigan. I definitely feel more free to be myself in Chicago."

Photographed by Julia Stotz