Why We Are Still Transfixed By Charles & Diana's Wedding, 35 Years Later

Thirty-five years ago today, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer tied the knot at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. It was the BBC's first televised wedding, and with 750 million viewers worldwide, it remains the most popular broadcast ever.

From the cost of Diana's dress to the length of her veil, here are a few highlights from the day that you can casually bring up on your lunch break...
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FOTO: Anwar Hussein / GETTY IMAGES
3,500 Guests
Attended the ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral.
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£9,000 ($11,900)
The cost of Diana's dress at the time. Designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, this dress would cost the equivalent of £31,000 ($41,000) today.
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FOTO: David Levenson / GETTY IMAGES
8 Meters (26 Feet)
The length of Princess Diana's veil. It took three-and-a-half minutes for her to walk down the aisle.
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FOTO: Princess Diana Archive / GETTY IMAGES
27 Wedding Cakes
For the guests of the couple. The cakes took 14 weeks to make.
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FOTO: Princess Diana Archive / GETTY IMAGES
12 Days
The duration of the honeymoon: a cruise on the Royal Yacht Britannia in the Mediterranean.