26 Engagement Rings You'll Want To Wear Forever

Pinterest is great for lots of things — home renovations, recipes, beauty DIYs, and more. But we like it best for browsing through endless pics of engagement rings.

Whether you just like to ogle sparkly things (raises hand!), are thinking of proposing, or are looking to send a little nudge-nudge to your partner, there are endless options to gawk at on Pinterest. And, we do mean endless. So we’ve rounded up 26 awe-inspiring snaps of unique jewels that give new meaning to the phrase “put a ring on it.” Break out the shades — there are some serious sparklers ahead.

This ultra square cut is also ultra striking.

A bold ruby set in solid gold gives this ring a major pop of color.

Black diamonds and rose gold make for a totally unexpected, gorgeous combination.


Heidi Gibson's Oval Gatsby setting is basically the Leonardo DiCaprio of engagement rings.

This bold oval number is making us swoon.


The art deco look of this ring is so on point.

We love the unique gemstone in this gold, vintage ring.

The band on this ring is so sweet and nature-inspired.

This Marquise-cut claw ring strikes a nice balance between traditional and unexpected.

We love how this ring kind of resembles a fisherman's knot, right?

This pear-shaped ring is about as unique as they come.

We never tire of a good, clean design like this minimalist circle ring.

Jenny Chung's Bliss Lau ring needs to introduction. Easily one of the most unique rings we've seen to date.

If you're looking to go the simple route, this delicate triangle ring from Etsy is it.

Designer Lauren Wolf knows the way to many bride-to-be's hearts.

A timeless, vintage-inspired design that will never go out of style.

The rose-gold detail on this stunner is unexpected and adds a unique touch.

Because I'm Addicted founder Geri Hirsch's gorgeous Lizzie Mandler ring is blinding us!

A ring fit for a #GIRLBOSS.

This gorgeous, vintage-style ring is calling our names.

Who needs diamonds? This colored gem is a definite head-turner.

This Anna Sheffield design (featuring a peach morganite stone) is what engagement-ring dreams are made of.

A trio of gorgeousness right here.
We can't stop looking at Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss' beautiful marquis-cut engagement ring.
The rose-gold, Art Deco embellishments on this ring are so good.

So delicate and romantic. We love the details of this Natalie Marie Jewellery ring.

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