Meet Peepy & Mother Lee, The World's Best Mother-Son Style Duo

Update: This post was originally published on August 17, 2015.

The world of Instagram has been filtering our lives for a number of years now, but never before has it presented us with such a no-filter-necessary gem as @peepy_and_mother_lee and his mother. If you're keen on style duos who keep it in the fam, then you're probably already familiar with stylist @luisafere and her son (little gentleman Alonso Mateo), or many more sibling style accounts than we can list. But nothing can prepare you for the opulence and utter eleganza extravaganza of 'Peepy' and 'Mother Lee.'

What you'll find after mere nanoseconds of scrolling is an array of lewks that are seriously so next-level and OTT you'll question whether Anna Dello Russo really has her head in the game. It seems Peepy and Mother Lee love a statement print, a matching handbag, and more accessories than you can count (preferably sunglasses, rings, and a handbag to execute Peepy's signature paws-on-cheeks #HomeAlonePeepy pose).

Between all the top-dollar jewels, Peepy talks about his life as the editor-in-chief of the Bangkok-based fashion magazine Hi-Mag. As for where all of this fabulosity stems from, that remains a mystery, but until we get a response from Peepy himself, we're going to continue ogling every #ootd he delivers. Now, walk! (Er, click.)
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Of course, they did the holidays right.
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The family that glitters together...
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The plaid pair.
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Fendi and Hermès game strong.
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We know a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many thousands of bahts do you think are represented here?
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Just your normal day on the lawns.
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Snow White goes to the Big Apple.
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Mother Lee just redefined post-Saturday brunch dressing for all of us.
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"Feature the bag. Feature the bag."
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Like a '70s pulp film gone so, so right.
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Each Hermès key attached to these bags came off a different Hermès bag. You do the math here.
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It's not even Halloween.
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Note the opposing but matching accessories. Have you died yet?
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Do you think they ever share? (Probably not.)
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Showing off their volumes.
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Because really expensive bags also need their own really expensive bags, too.
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This whole concept of luxury bags for your luxury bags is IT.
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Even their teddy bears are larger than life.
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What. You thought they'd be in coach?
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A Casual Friday at the office is the perfect day for your teddy bear slides.
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Caftans and velour capes.
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Even their trip to the hospital is 1000% more glamorous than we'll probably look on our wedding day.
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When the whole squad turns out.
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Variations on orange and black.
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The very definition of luxury, my friends.
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The theme of the day: couture cartoons.
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Even in sneakers, Mother Lee is a queen.
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Little did you know, those are Boy Scout merit badges for Slaying and Extravagance.
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That's two Karls, one Peepy, one bear, and one Mother Lee.