House Tour: Welcome To The "Jungalow"!

Yep, the "jungalow." That's how blogger, designer, consultant, author, and jill-of-all-trades Justina Blakeney describes the colorful, maximalist half-jungle, half-bungalow that she shares with her daughter on the edge of L.A.'s Echo Park. And, how does one create a jungle north of Westlake? Well, the decor specialist and lifestyle blogger has tricked out her cozy cottage with a riot of color, tons of patterns, and plants on plants on plants. It's a kind of organic, boho amazing that you just have to see to understand.
So, we took up a little tour of the jungle that Blakeney's filled with vintage pieces, Target finds, and miles of textiles to talk design, fashion, and career callings. It was a "jungaclious" afternoon that we won't soon forget.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
So, tell us a bit about what you do.
"Besides blogging, I also do home decor and styling. My 'gigs' are kinda all over the map, and I like it that way."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
How all over the place?
"Well, this week some of the jobs I’ve worked on have included styling a photo shoot with Dita Von Teese at her Los Feliz home, working on an online marketing campaign for Microsoft, a living-room makeover for one of my decor clients, thrifting for an online holiday pop-up shop I’m doing in conjunction with an online retailer, and writing the script for an online class on tablescapes that I am teaching this month."

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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Okay, yes, that is all over the map.
"I love how varied my work is. I’m never bored and always coming up with new ideas and harebrained schemes and trying to figure out how to make money from them. I love my online community and connecting with other creatives. I love that I get to work mostly from home, and that I’m with my daughter every day."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
And, as for the blogging?
"I originally began blogging as a way to do something creative every day. I liked it right away, as it was a natural way to combine so many of the things that I love, including writing, photography, graphic design, crafting, styling, collaging, curating, and decorating. Now, my blog is truly an extension of myself. I blog about my family, my home, my closet, my obsession with plants, global textiles, wild patterns, thrifted finds, and bohemian dwellings."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
So, what are the big projects you're currently working on?
"I’ve just started a book tentatively titled The New Bohemians to be published by Abrams in 2015. I am also doing a barter with a personal trainer where she works out with me three times per week, and in exchange, I decorate her home. I'm working on a new online class that I’m teaching in tablescaping on Skillshare. I am doing content curation and creation for a number of brands, including Sherwin-Williams, Microsoft, eBay, and MasterCard. I'm curating a pop-up shop for an amazing brick-and-mortar shop in Highland Park called Platform. I’m also designing a few different products in collaboration with other artists and artisans. Lastly, I’m blogging and being a mama every day. Whew."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Yikes! Okay, so, out of all of that, what's your proudest accomplishment to date?
"My daughter is my proudest achievement. She is everything. In my professional life, I am certainly excited about the book I am currently working on. This is the largest solo project I’ve ever taken on. I woke up in the middle of the night one night with an idea and did not stop hustling until I got this book deal. It actually blows my own mind sometimes that when I really put my mind to something — sometimes like magic — it comes to fruition."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
On the way over here, we fell a little in love with your neighborhood and block.
"My neighborhood is so convenient because it’s close to downtown, not too far (or too close) to freeways, and close to all the cool Silver Lake/Echo Park restaurants and cafés. But, because it’s not in the heart of those neighborhoods, it’s more affordable. I love that we’re across from Vista Hermosa Park and just around the corner from Angeleno Heights — where all of LA’s oldest homes and gorgeous Victorian homes are hidden. My neighborhood has everything: Tiny, gorgeous, and super-curated markets; boutiques and restaurants like Cookbook, TAVIN, and Guisados tacos; and a wonderful public pool and library are just blocks away, too. Oh, and I love that I can walk to Echo Park Lake. It’s just been rehabbed, and it’s pretty amazing — they even put in a café that has really great coffee. I’m sold!"
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Your home isn't quite like the places we usually come across. How would you describe it?
"My home is a jungalow! It’s wild like the jungle, but cozy and homey like a bungalow. I tend to layer colors and patterns and include plenty of greenery. I like to mix old and new to create unexpected vignettes. I am a maximalist, and I love mixing pieces from different cultures: a kilim rug with a kantha-covered ottoman, or a Moroccan wedding blanket next to a Mexican serape and Japanese ceramics. That's my global jungalicious vibe."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
What’s your favorite part of your home?
"I use my jungalow living room for pretty much everything. It's my office, my atelier, my dining room, my boutique, and my daycare. I work from here, hang out with friends, play with my daughter, come up with crazy ideas for my business, watch my favorite TV shows, have jam sessions, impromptu dance parties, client meetings — you name it! We recently removed the coffee table, and now the space is much more multifunctional for hanging out and playing with my 1-year-old daughter, Ida."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Where do you get your decorating inspiration?

"Travel, travel, travel! That could mean to another continent or to the corner store. Being outside of my comfort zone — hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing, and smelling new things and people — is my inspiration."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Now, as far as we're concerned, your personal style is just as unique as your home. What are the words you'd use to describe it?
"Colorful, patternful, multicultural, laid-back, vibrant, funky, layered, boho, unexpected, and jungalicious."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Are there any labels that are particularly good for jungaliciousness?

"There's Toast, Free People, Isabel Marant, Marni, Mara Hoffman, Gudrun Sjödén, and HATCH Collection. I also love a lot of the capsule lines that designers do. I was obsessed with the Missoni for Target collection!"
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
So, what would your five style essentials be then?
"A pair of comfy/slouchy harem/balloon pants (of course); a simple black tank; a warm, oversized sweater; clogs; and always some kind of statement necklace or chunky scarf."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
What's the most special piece in your wardrobe?
"I have a pair of sweatpants that I made when I lived in Switzerland in my home-ec. class when I was 13. They're still in decent shape, and they are by far the most comfy thing I own. I learned to sew making the pants, and I like to think of that class as a big part of what launched me into becoming a designer. I fuckin' love those pants."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
And, after the sun goes down?
"For nighttime, I love jumpsuits. They're playful and fun but also can be very flirty. I like to wear a simple black jumpsuit with a chunky heel and totally over-the-top jewelry, hair 'fro'd out and wild."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Speaking of your hair, what are your absolute, must-have beauty essentials?
"Well, I could live without these, but I’d really rather not: Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner, Funny Face Lipstick by NARS, 100% Viscose scrub mitts and towels, Lavilin Deodorant Cream, Pixi Champagne Bronze Kit, Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Oil, organic coconut oil, and Gaiety Blush by NARS."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.