Interior Designer Jenny Wolf Shares Her Top Tips For 20-Somethings

Interior designer Jenny Wolf started her eponymous firm four years ago, and has been hard at work making a name for herself ever since. We're big fans of her luxe-but-approachable aesthetic, and her covetable eye for color and texture. It's not surprising, then, that Wolf started her career in fashion, working for Ralph Lauren Black Label​ — mama knows her way around a cashmere throw blanket.

We spoke with Wolf to find out what makes her best rooms tick and glean a few decorating life lessons in the process. Click through for her expert advice on everything from paint to pillows — and, of course, Ikea hacks!
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Photo: Courtesy of Emily Gilbert Photography.
I love the way this room makes beige feel so bold. What's your trick for elevating such a subdued color palette?
"Buy neutral pieces of upholstery and change the look with throw pillows. There are so many different sites [with constantly] rotating throw pillow selections. You can go really crazy with bright colors, small and large-scaled patterns, and interesting textures that you might shy away from in a bigger piece."
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Photo: Courtesy of Emily Gilbert Photography.
This dresser is so cute, but furniture can be such a pain to shop for. What's your best solution for 20-somethings on the hunt?
"Update a flea market find with paint or new hardware. There are some amazing transformations online of Ikea pieces — paint and a new handle or piece of hardware can really help transform [a piece of furniture]. And, Anthropologie has a ton of pulls that are reasonably priced and look vintage."
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Photo: Courtesy of Emily Gilbert Photography.
I love how rich this powder room looks, and that green is so unexpected.
"You can completely change the scale of a room [such as a small half bath] with paint, and depending on the shade it can affect the way light works in the space, too!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Francesco Lagnese.
Great art is always such a challenge. What's an easy way to start collecting?
"Commission an artist friend or someone from a nearby art school to do a fabulous piece. Get them before they're famous! There are so many talented creatives in a city like New York, and these students may be big names one day."
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Photo: Courtesy of Emily Gilbert Photography.
This is such a beautifully styled vignette. Any advice on getting a similarly layered look?
"There are so many great resources, from thrift stores to West Elm and the like, where you can get a lot of look [i.e. vintage books and old dishes and glassware] for not a lot of price. The sales associate's advice is free and they love to help — so take advantage of it!"